Have a go at your granny’s recipes!



One of the things that worries us most as Christmas draws nearer, especially if we are hosting the family meals, is choosing the right menu for a given day. Meat dishes have pride of place at Yuletide. That is why we look at the meats that are your best bet for coming up with tasty menus but that you can prepare without slaving away for hours in the kitchen.

Chicken or turkey

These meats are great favourites for Christmas meals. They are traditionally cooked in the oven but they can also be cooked using more modern, easier methods. Cooking time is the key to properly preparing these meats. It is vital to cover the meat in its own juice each time we turn the ‘joint’ over. This will make sure that the meat is both well cooked throughout and juicy. 

Pork/Veal sirloin

This is another traditional Christmas dish in Spain. Sirloin is easy to cook given that we can prepare the dish beforehand and spend time with family and friends while it is in the oven.

The trick is to check the meat every now and then while it is cooking to make sure that the sirloin ends up as a delicious dish for that special Christmas meal.

Nowadays, as well as joints one can also cook ‘wraps’ combining sirloin with bacon, cheese, or York Ham, all of which make excellent dishes.

Veal round

A veal round is a popular choice given its firm, lean and tender meat. It is usually roasted and often accompanied by sauces made from mixing honey and soy sauce given that these ingredients complement each other perfectly.

Lamb and kid goat shoulder

Spain has a long tradition of dishes featuring oven-cooked suckling lamb or kid goat meat, usually accompanied with roast potatoes. These tender, juicy meats make such dishes a great choice.

Lamb chops

Lamb chops are also popular in Spain. Whether grilled or cooked in the oven with Provence herbs (Herbes de Provence), lamb chops are an excellent choice.

The secrets of cooking Iberian pork

Pork dishes are juiciest when slow-roasted, letting the flavour penetrate and making the meat tender. They are great with creamy mushroom or dried-fruit sauces.