Forest Fruits: A rich source of antioxidants.

There exists a great variety of forest fruits with different colors and flavors emphasizing the cranberries, the currants, the raspberry, the default, the tree strawberry, the endrina … They stand out for his antirust properties.

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Forest fruits refers to small fruits which are sweet or sour, juicy and intensely coloured that grow in wild bushes. Nowadays, although wild berries are harder and harder to find, cultivated berries are easy to find in the supermarket.

There is a wide variety of forest fruits with different colours and flavours, such as the blueberry, redcurrent, raspberry, blackberry and strawberry tree fruit.

From a nutrional point of view, they have two main properties: the presence of antioxidants, thanks to the pigments -carotenoids and anthocyanin- in the skin, and the high level of vitamin C. They contain few calories and are a good source of fibre, meaning regular consumption can be a good cure for constipation.

The benaficial properties, along with their attractive colours, make these fruits ideal treats for children, as well as adults.

In the kitchen, they are excellent ingredients in the making of desserts (cakes, mouses, fillings...), ice creams, sauces and jams.

Composition per 100g

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When fully matured, cranberries can be eaten fresh or used to make delicious jams, jellies, desserts, cake fillings, ice creams, and sauces to accompany game meat. Various studies have demonstrated that eating them can combat urinary infections, and thanks to their antioxidant properties, prevent cardiovascular illnesses.

Did you know....blueberries are sweeter than cranberries?

Redcurrents and blackcurrents 

They are the most consumed forest fruit. Blackcurrents being the sweeter of the two. They are an ideal addition to any type of pastry or dessert, and ideal for making jams. Blackcurrents are especially rich in vitamin C.

Did you know... blackcurrents are used to make a liquor called Cassis or Creme Cassis in France?


They can be found in the supermarket, especially during the summer months between July and September. From a nutrional point of view, they have high levels of fiber and folic acid, making them an ideal fruit for pregnant women.


They can be picked from blackberry bushes and are beneficial to the circulatory system mainly due to the their vitamin E content. They also contain vitamin C. In the kitchen, they are ideal fo giving a bittersweet flavour to savoury dishes.

Did you know... their abundant natural pigments give them their dark colour and have a potent antioxidant effect?

Two lesser known and consumed forest fruits are the sloeberry and strawberry tree fruit.


They have a similar shape and colour to blackberries, but are much more bitter. It is used in the making of digestive liquors, such as Pacharán.

Strawberry tree fruit 

They are collected when fully ripe and offer a pleasant and sweet flavour. However, their high level of alcohol has meant they have been somewhat pushed to the side in Spanish gastronomy.

When buying these fruits, it is important that they have a brilliant and intense colour, that they are firm to the touch, do not have mold and are bought ready- to-eat. They must be consumed immediately as they spoil very easily. You can find these fruits year-round, either frozen or in conserves.