These are the three most affectionate cat breeds

A cat’s independence is one of its most common characteristics. However, in this article we highlight the most affectionate cat breeds.



We tend to say that cats are aloof, even unsociable, and highly independent in respect to people. However, many cat owners comment that their pet is different, because their cat demonstrates as much love as a dog. Admittedly, you cannot generalise about the entire species, or even about one breed as a whole, but there are some types of cats that are attributed with more sociable qualities.

Insomuch as the cat is curious and will lose its fear of the people around it, they like to share their time and take part in what takes place in the home, whether walking around the kitchen while you prepare dinner or stretching out serenely on the sofa while you watch television. Below, we talk about the three most affectionate cat breeds that, historically, have spent a great deal of time on human laps.

But before that, an important clarification: all animals deserve to be loved and are willing to return the love, whether we are talking about a pure breed cat or a mixed breed.

Which are the most affectionate cats?

· Siamese

Perhaps their appearance indicates otherwise, but Siamese are cats are very used to domestic life and they adore being with people who pay them attention. In fact, if they are left at home on their own, they are capable of waiting for their owner behind the door, or watching through the window like a dog. As they are considered to be very active, and very playful, they are also thought to be very good companions for children.

To understand the Siamese cat’s attachment to humans, we need to go back to the lives of our ancestors. They originated in the ancient kingdom of Siam, which is now Thailand, where they were considered to be part of the nobility. This also explains their elegant movements and their stately demeanour. Apart from being affectionate cats, they are also sensitive and intelligent.


The “Ragdoll” is best described as a rag doll, and the name has not exactly been given to them by chance. These cats love to be held in your arms like a fluffy toy. They are docile and sociable with visitors and can remain still and relaxed next to their owners quite unperturbed, which is why they tend to have close-knit relationships with older people.  

The breed originated in California from different crosses which have resulted in a reduced hunting instinct and greater docility with humans. They also enjoy sharing the home with other animals, like dogs, wand they rarely have conflicts with these. They come in different colours, fur and sizes; all like dolls.


Lastly, one of the most popular breeds: 75% of pedigree cats are Persians. With these figures, their aristocratic intonation is no surprise. The character of a Persian cat – which in reality originated in Russia – is to show off. Not only do they enjoy being loved, but they also ask for it, and they love nothing more than being groomed for hours, among other things, as their long fur requires special care and daily brushing.

This cat has a relaxed, placid and loving nature. They love curling up next to their owners, although their instinct to protect themselves is more noticeable with people they are unfamiliar with. In general, they are always docile and it is rare for them to cause damage in the home due to being mischievous. If they receive the love that they know they deserve, they will be as good as gold.