My five favourites

Màxim Huerta

My five favourites

13 October 2017


As part of this report Màxim Huerta and Consum deliver €500 in food to 'Casa Caridad Valencia' for distribution to the most disadvantaged.

Journalist and writer. Màxim Huerta studied journalism in Valencia. He has been an editor and presenter on Telecinco and on Channel 9, as well as a co-presenter on the Ana Rosa program for eleven years. He collaborates regularly with several publications. His sixth novel ‘La parte escondida del iceberg’ (The hidden part of the iceberg), published this year, is an emotional journey through the author's most intimate territory. We can catch this on the radio program 'The 5 Senses' on RNE.

Here are his Top 5::


I need life not to make me bitter. And yes, I like sugar. I remember the sweet treats my grandmother made and how to dump it over the cupcakes to make them crispy. Then Amelie came along with her way of breaking the burnt sugar. That's what we all used to do at home. May life not be bitter, long live sugar.


What would a fridge be without eggs? There's no better food when you are in a hurry. Breakfast, lunch or dinner. For salad, French omelette, beating them and making sweet treats, pasta, etc. When I don't know what to cook, it'll be a hard-boiled egg or omelette. A little salt and it's ready.


In its many forms. Roast chicken, grilled chicken, chicken stew, wings, thighs... Chicken is coming home and is delicious when baked with potatoes, a little onion, chunks of apple and orange juice. If it's organic, even better. Of course.


Yes, always. Virgin olive oil. I pour a little on the plate and moisten the bread with it, that's enough for me. This oil is so much a part of us that it could be the country's emblem.


I grate them, slice them, bite straight into them, put them in salads, fry them, bake them, chop them... In whatever shape or form, tomatoes could well be my favourite food. I remember picking them directly from the patch and that intense smell staying with me. It's the first thing I pick up when I get to the grocers.