Fruit salad with citrus


 200 g pineapple, 2 Pink Lady apples, 2 tangerines, 2 grapefruit, 2 kiwis, 170 g cranberries


5 December 2019



- 1 grapefruit
2 oranges
1 lemon
200 ml sweet wine
60 ml brandy
40 g de brown sugar


1. For the marinate, extract juice from all the citrus fruit and place all the ingredients on a slow heat until the sugar melts, about 5 minutes. Then leave to cool.

2. Peel and cut the fruit into slices and then cut these in half.

3. Marinate the fruit - except for the kiwi and the cranberries – with the citrus juice for 2 hours in the fridge.

4. Arrange the fruit, including the kiwi and the cranberries.