CONSUM hereby informs the User that it is present on different social networks, such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, being able to be present, in the future, on any other social network, in particular on the so-called "geolocation" sites, in which case, the provisions of this point shall apply to these.  The data processing of Users who become followers of the official CONSUM pages will be governed by the conditions set forth in this section as well as by those that specifically regulate the operation of the service and are published by CONSUM. These Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy of the website will be applicable to such data processing, in a subsidiary and complementary manner, and provided they are not contradictory.

In this sense, CONSUM informs the User that it makes the possibility to follow it available and to become a follower of CONSUM on the various social networks mentioned as well as in any others that are indicated through the CONSUM website. For this purpose, CONSUM has provided on the website the possibility for the User to mark the icon for the social network and directly access the official page created by CONSUM, thus becoming a follower of same. CONSUM is responsible for the administration of said pages as long as they are official pages and therefore have been created by CONSUM. CONSUM is not responsible for the unofficial pages that third party users create on social networks. Therefore, the User is advised to activate the "Follow" option through the website .

Notwithstanding the above, it is also made known to the User that the different social networks on which CONSUM has created official pages are also responsible for the treatment of User data, which is why it is recommended that you should access the Privacy Policy and Conditions of Use of the aforementioned pages or, if applicable, the social network itself, in order to be aware of the information derived from the processing of personal data and especially the conditions and purposes to which the data that are part of the User profile will be designated.

CONSUM will process the data belonging to Users that follow any of the official CONSUM pages in order to properly manage the website, find out their opinions and/or comments as well as inform and allow them to take part in the different contests, promotions and/or events that are carried out by CONSUM.  In this sense, the User is reminded that CONSUM may remove from the official site any information that goes against the rules established in the General Conditions of use of the social network as well as contrary to the provisions of this Privacy Policy in relation to the use of the official CONSUM pages on social networks. Likewise, social networks may eliminate those contents that, either ex officio or through the complaint of another User, go against the rules mentioned.

In any case, the User may stop being a follower of the official social network website, following the steps indicated in the Conditions of Use of the particular social network and without CONSUM intervening in said process. However, CONSUM reserves the right to create, edit, modify and/or delete the official site without previously informing User.

In order to make any inquiries regarding the data processing of followers on social networks of the official CONSUM pages, the User may contact CONSUM at the address: without prejudice to consulting the Privacy Policies that CONSUM establishes for each of its Official Pages.