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Get rid of the remnants of hair removal wax

by Judit Vigil

To easily remove the wax remnants from your skin after waxing, wet a cotton ball in olive oil and pass it gently over the area. It will clean and remove the wax and at the same time moisturise and sooth your skin. 


Natural eye make-up remover

by Pedro López

Remove make-up from your eyes naturally by mixing ¾ parts of mineral water and ¼ extra virgin olive oil in an empty and clean jar.  Shake well before use and apply it to your eyes with a cotton swab to remove make-up easily. 


Campana de cuina brillant

by Noelia Noble

Per a mantindre la campana de la cuina protegida de l’òxid, una vegada estiga completament neta i seca, aplica-hi una mica d’oli hidratant per a bebés amb un drap de cotó. Torca-la molt bé amb un drap net i la campana brillarà i a més estarà protegida! 


Frying pans as good as new

by Marta Viladomat

If you want the outside of your pans to be like the first day you got them, fill a baking tray with vinegar and a cup of baking soda. Soak the pan for 24 hours. After that time, scrub it with a little vinegar and baking soda and your pan will look like new!

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Fresh vegetables for longer

by Mayte Berenguer

To keep your packaged salads and spinach fresh, open the bag and wrap the vegetables with a little absorbent paper towel. The paper will remove moisture and the vegetables will remain fresh for much longer. 

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by Maria Ripoll


8 medium squids
4 or 5 boiled eggs
175 g of Serrano ham
5 sweet onions
5 garlic cloves
125 cl of white wine
1 bay leaf
Black pepper grains
Olive oil, salt and flour
8 chopsticks


Clean the squid and when they're ready, prepare the filling. Cut the calamari tentacles, the Serrano ham and an onion into very small pieces. Fry everything in a pan with a little olive oil and add the chopped boiled eggs. Fill the squid and use toothpicks to close the squid and stop the filling from getting out.

Flour the squid, sauté them in a pan and put them aside. Lightly fry the rest of the chopped onions, the bay leaf, the black peppercorns and the garlic cloves in a pan. Add the calamari and the white wine. Let it cook between 5 and 10 minutes more or less and enjoy!

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