The present conditions regulate access to and use of the different web portlets belonging to the web site www.consum.es as well as of the private area (member-client area) and all the services that, via same, are rendered in relation with this website (hereinafter the site or website) owned by CONSUM, S. COOP. V. with VAT no. F-46078986 and registered office at Avenida Alginet 1, 46460 Silla (Valencia) and domicile for notifications at the same address. Registered in the Register of Cooperatives for the Valencian Community, Central Office, number CV-20, and also registered in the Mercantile Registry of Valencia, Volume 6.003, Book 3,309, Section 8, Folio 1, Sheet number V-58.748, Inscription 1, telephone no. 961974000 / 961974050 and electronic contact address: atencionalcliente@consum.es.



These conditions are complemented in all aspects not expressly contemplated by the User Policy, the Privacy Policy, or the Legal Notice of this site, which are applicable directly and subsidiarily in everything not regulated or partially regulated in these conditions.

The private services regulated by these conditions are prohibited for children under 18 years, except certain services on TeamConsum that are intended for children between 4 and 14 years, bearing in mind that they should be supervised at all times by an adult, as set out below in the description of services


The availability and type of services of these portals are subject to the power of CONSUM to modify the form of access as well as type of content at any time, without specific justification to the User nor assumption of guarantees or responsibilities of any nature. Likewise, the User is informed that the private services are offered by CONSUM "as is" without specific guarantees of result to the User, not generating for CONSUM any type of legal obligation to provide consulting, advisory or other services to the User, the specific services consisting merely of information services to the User.



The User is informed that the contents and services offered through the different CONSUM portals hosted on their website - including, without limitation, texts, graphics, images, animations, musical creations, advice, recipes, stories, comments, texts, videos, audios, photographs, designs, comments, trademarks, logos, trade names, links to other websites and so on - are protected by intellectual and industrial property laws. The copyright and economic exploitation of this site corresponds to CONSUM and/or third parties who own the work.

Therefore, it is the User's obligation to respect all intellectual and industrial property rights of both CONSUM and third parties, accessing the contents in accordance with the terms set forth in the User Policy and current legal standards.



  •  Through the private area the User can access the following voluntary services; therefore, the User must take into account that, when voluntarily providing their personal data for discharge or use, it is understood that he/she consents to the processing of same under the terms in which they have been properly informed at the time of acceptance or to these specific conditions according to what is indicated below.

My personal space:

  • My card: Here you can find information about your card, unsubscribe or request a copy in the event of loss or theft and request the CONSUM debit card by accessing the Uno-e website.
  • My Gift Voucher: Here you can see the accumulated balance for your gift voucher.
  • Purchase details: Here you can see information about your accumulated purchases from home and % discount obtained, as well as details of purchases made if they exceed 50 euros that month.
  • My family unit: Here you can link cards so that a single member of the family receives and accumulates the gift checks for each month.  To do this, you must enter the ID of the person whom you want to accumulate your gift vouchers.
  • Modify your data: Here you can modify and correct your data directly.
  • Change of password: Here you can ask for a password change and you will receive an email confirming this.

My offers:

  • My Gift Voucher: Here you can see the accumulated balance for your gift voucher. The discounts obtained are not lost but continue to accumulate for the next gift check. Remember to always carry the Mundo Consum card at hand and present it every time you make a purchase, thus accumulating discounts in the monthly gift check.
  • Offers of the month: Here you can see the offers from your local store’s catalogue.
  • My Savings Coupons: These are discounts on products specially selected for you, exclusive and personalized. You can print them from the web or redeem them directly with the Mundo Consum app.

My shopping list: 

Here the User has access to a practical tool that suggests the products that you usually buy and allows you to browse all our offers, to select the products that interest you and to put them together on the same list, which you can save, modify, print and share, simply by introducing the name and the email of the person with whom you want to share it. It is important for the User to realise that creating a shopping list is not a purchase.

Consum Communities: 

My Family:

In order to use this service, the User must enter the first name and date of birth of all their children.

Offers: Here the User will find exclusive offers for members of this community. Each voucher indicates the conditions for its use.  It is necessary to present the discount coupons along with your Mundo Consum card in your local Consum or Charter establishment. Each coupon is unique and only one coupon per ticket and product purchased will be accepted. Copies will not be valid and will be detected.

  • Consult our nutritionist: Here the User can consult us about nutrition and will receive an answer. In addition, according to CONSUM criteria, both the consultation and the response of the nutritionist may be published on our website www.consum.es along with the name and the initial of the User's surname, constituting said publication a data processing operation accessible by all Users of the website. The indicated processing is obligatory in the event of use of the service by the User, who will have to assess the data related to nutritional pathologies or treatments that will be communicated to CONSUM in the consultation, in such a way that it will be understood that the User expressly consents to this processing by providing his/her personal data and using this consultation service. The User knows and accepts through the use of the service that the advice and/or resolutions of the queries raised to the nutritionist do not constitute a contract for the provision of services between CONSUM and the User, or between the User and the nutritionist, and therefore, neither does there exist an obligation to obtain a result, as this merely constitutes advice that is not medical in nature, based on the information provided by the User, without it being a medical opinion because it cannot be confirmed, verified or analysed by the nutritionist. Therefore, the application or not of the advice or consultation on the part of the User will be carried out under his/her exclusive responsibility, this latter releasing CONSUM and the nutritionist of all responsibility for the application of any advice and resolutions to his/her query as defined in the nutritionist’s consultation.
  • Competitions and promos: To participate in contests and promotions, the User must read and, if appropriate, accept, the legal bases of each contest or competition, as well as the rights and obligations of the participants and winners, all of which will be duly published by CONSUM in the regulatory bases of each contest or promotion.
  • Articles: In this section we publish articles related to the littlest ones in the family, for information purposes only, CONSUM being the owner of the intellectual property of those works with  all rights reserved, unless they come from a specified source.

Test and Try:

If you are one of those people who like to try everything, join Test and Try. Here the User can comment on the quality of our own brand products and can get additional prizes.

In order to register in this community, the User will not be required to enter any data, simply accept the legal bases in each case.

Love to Travel: 

Love to Travel is a meeting point for CONSUM's customer members, Users of our website, who also share a passion for travelling. This community aims to offer a wide variety of travel experiences at very competitive prices, contests, and articles of interest. Here the User can find the following contents and services:

  • The Golden Age: Here the most veteran Users and members will find offers for Great trips to European destinations, with the guarantee of an 'all inclusive' price, with everything organised. The price of all trips includes: personalised advice before departure, full board throughout the trip in hotel or first class accommodation, return flights, transfers, excursions, tickets and Spanish guides.
  • Gastronomic trips: Here lovers of good cuisine will find offers for getaways during several national Spanish holidays of interest to tourists. The User will enjoy the gastronomy and the best known traditions of the fiesta. The price of all trips includes: full board in first class hotel, coach transport, guides and companions at all times; They will have exclusive privileges such as: tastings, guided tours, access to kitchen areas and VIP areas.
  • “LOVE TO TRAVEL” Forum: Users who want to share their experiences and/or comments will be able to use the forum, which is a tool to facilitate the communication and exchange of experiences of our most travelled members on their vacations, favourite destinations, experiences, cities, recommendations, anecdotes from their trips, etc. Users will only be allowed to discuss topics related to this objective. In order to register for this service, Users will not be allowed to register with aliases, avatars or vulgar or offensive photographs, as CONSUM is able to reject or refuse registration in these cases. In addition, when registering in the forum, the User accepts that the Username chosen to participate in it is public as well as the photograph of his avatar, holding the copyright for same and not being allowed to use images or other data in which third parties appear without their prior consent.
  • Users are obliged to acceptthe following rules for using the "Love to Travel" forum:
  • Political, linguistic, religious statements, sporting discussions or similar comments are not allowed. Content that contains or induces hatred for reasons of sex, religion, geographical or ethnic origin, political beliefs, language issues, etc. will not be allowed.
  • "Spam" messages or other forms of advertising will be eliminated, including message chains, pyramids, collective actions, bombing or other flooding techniques, deliberate attempts to overload the system and outbreak attacks.
  • The forum should not be used for promotional, advertising or profit-making purposes. Only messages that respond to questions from Users, not those whose sole purpose is to offer products or services, will be published.
  • We understand that each User of the forum only includes photographs to which they have the rights and that, in no case, will they place photographs for which they have no authorisation on the forum. The moment a photograph of a person who does not wish to appear in the forum is reported, that photograph will be deleted immediately.
  • It is forbidden to publish any personal data that could jeopardise the privacy of any individual, and in particular: telephone numbers or personal addresses, personal e-mail addresses, social security numbers, account numbers or credit cards or any other contact information.
  • CONSUM may, at any time and without prior notice, delete any message or thread, delete words that violate these sent message guidelines, or delete User accounts from the "Love to Travel” community for violating said provisions.
  • Users will be solely responsible for all content posted in the forum, expressly exempting CONSUM from any consequences that could result from misuse of the forum and from inappropriate content appearing on it.
  • The comments of the forum will make up part of a file which is the responsibility of CONSUM, S.COOP.V.

  • Articles: Here the User will find a space with general information about the most attractive destinations according to the time of year, in which to be able to gather information for future trips; CONSUM being the owner of the intellectual property of those works with all rights reserved, unless the source from which they come is specified.
  • Competitions: Here the User will find different contests and promotions in relation to which CONSUM will publish a theme and the conditions of contests and promotions, as well as the legal bases for each of them

Recipes and menu planner:

Both the recipes and the weekly menu planner provided by this website are made by registered dietitian-nutritionists, following the recommendations of the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition and technical reports from the World Health Organization. The content of these recipes, as well as the results of the planner requested in the scope of this website, is of a merely general recommendation in nature, and therefore does not take into account the personal health circumstances of each User, being therefore, the responsibility of each User, the use of said recipes and/or the planner. Likewise, the planner's result takes into consideration the nutritional and/or health guidelines expressly provided by the User when choosing their "Lifestyle", "Type of Diet" or "Specific nutritional needs" for said planning. Therefore, CONSUM is not responsible for any damages, of any kind, that the elaboration of a menu based on the recipes contained in this Web or according to the result of the planner, could cause in the health of the User of this Web. Likewise, neither is it responsible for the unsuitability of the plans developed in relation to the nutritional and/ or metabolic needs present and/or that may appear for each User of this tool. Finally, in the case of "gluten-free" menus for celiacs, it is recommended to always read the label of any pre-packaged product before consumption, and identify or search on its packaging for suitability as indicated by the logo of the Federation of Celiac Associations of Spain (FACE), demonstrating approval.

By accessing the private area, you can, without limitation, save the plans, assigning them a name, send the necessary ingredients to elaborate this planning to "my shopping lists", share them on your social networks, and print them. If you want to share your favorite recipes, you can upload them in the RECIPES section, clicking on "SUB RECIPE". Our experts will assess them and the best will appear in the RECIPES section. You must indicate the title of the recipe, and its contents, and you will be able to optionally attach a photograph of the final result.


Through the worker’s portal, the User can access the following services that are voluntary, therefore, the User must take into account that, when voluntarily providing their personal data for discharge or use, it will be understood that he/she consents to the processing of same under the terms in which they have been properly informed at the time of acceptance or in these particular conditions as indicated below.

If the User is interested in finding out about the jobs available in CONSUM, as well as being part of a selection process that has already started, you must enter your academic and/or work data as indicated in the registration form, and thus CONSUM will be able to analyse your professional profile in order to allow you to participate in the selection processes that are developed in "CONSUM S. COOP. V.”, in the light of vacancies or new posts which arise from time to time. The User will indicate a password with which to access this portal once registered.

The registration process will end by submitting a job application. Once the application is sent, you will receive an email to the account provided in the registration process, confirming that your request has been processed correctly.


Through access to the site, the User may enjoy the use of various contents and services that will be offered by CONSUM or other third-party providers under the conditions that are determined in each case. In general, the services and contents offered through the website will be available in Spanish, without prejudice to the possibility - subject to CONSUM's reservation - to offer them in the other official autonomous languages, as well as in another widely disseminated language. They are resources aimed at educators and families, aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles and eating in children and young consumers from 4 to 14 years and will consist of: various free-access games, informational articles on food and consumption, competitions, group dynamics, activities for the classroom, news, and team games that are detailed below, this being a non-limiting list.

  • Team games: In order to access certain services of the website we require the prior registration of Users by completing the corresponding forms and which Users can access using a password. The website reserves the right to freely accept or reject any User's registration request.

To use the Services provided by the website, minors must obtain prior permission from their parents, guardians or legal representatives, who will be held responsible for all acts performed by the minors in their charge. The full responsibility for determining the specific contents and services to which minors are entitled corresponds to the elders in whose charge they are. As the Internet enables access to content that may be inappropriate for minors, Users are informed that there are mechanisms, such as filtering and blocking software, that allow them to limit the available content, and although always with the proviso they are not 100% safe, they are very useful to control and to restrict the materials to which the children can accede.


Charter, the Consum franchise, offers you the opportunity to start your own business and, at the same time, join Consum, a strong, consolidated company, and a solid base to support your business project. Consum is the support you need to make the leap and lead a franchise with guaranteed success. If you are interested, you can contact a Salesperson by sending an email to charter@consum.es, calling the CONSUM Customer Service Telephone no. 96 197 4067, or by completing a form.



At Consum we listen to all our members, both workers and customers, through different participation channels where we gather your opinions and proposals. Through this portal you can access the member-client area to participate in the various draws, simply giving us your opinion, as well as sending ideas and tips.


Here you can view and download the CONSUM Sustainability Reports that are published every year, as well as reproducing the explanatory videos for the different groups of interest of CONSUM. All of these are purely informational in purpose.


You can access this portal without having to register in the member-client area, and enjoy the Planner as detailed above in the "services" section. Very handy for planning the menus for the week according to your needs!


If you would like to make any enquiries, complaints or suggestions, you can contact us through: (i) the free customer service telephone no. 900 500 126, available from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturdays from 9am to 2pm (Ii) through point-of-sale care, where our professionals respond immediately to day-to-day matters, (iii) filling out a form, where, after indicating your contact details, you can send your message to CONSUM.


The User is informed that the person responsible for the file where all the information that the User communicates for the use and enjoyment of the contents and specific services of this website will be stored is the entity CONSUM, S. COOP. V. with C.I.F. F-46078986 and registered office at Avenida Alginet 1, 46460 Silla-Valencia (hereinafter CONSUM).


As a general rule, you are advised that personal data provided through the completion of any form for the specific services of this website, must be done by the same User to whom the data belongs, and it is forbidden to provide data from third parties, unless you are authorised to do so or have due legal representation. In addition, personal information will only be used by CONSUM for limited purposes such as those set out here and that are unequivocally informed prior to the gathering and processing of User data and constitute a legitimate treatment by CONSUM, and when for the enjoyment of a service it is necessary to complete a form, the processing of all the requested personal data will be considered necessary and obligatory for that purpose.


The User consents to the processing of his/her personal data as a consequence of requesting to register and use the specific services, given that such treatment is necessary for the use and enjoyment of the specific services of the website.

The purpose of processing the User's personal data through the private area will be to manage the enjoyment of the services and specific contents described in the previous section as well as, in particular, for the following purposes:

  • Activation of the electronic account and User profile in Mundo Consum: The User's personal data will be processed to create the access profile to his account and also to allow the updating and modification of your data, all through registration through the website by entering the NIF (tax no.), NIE (Residency) or member-client number, and surname. You will then be prompted to enter a password to access CONSUM’s private area, which you will later use to access this zone.
  • In addition, the activation of your profile in Mundo Consum will entail the processing of User data with the following purposes: (i) Providing the User with access to their data, access to all movements of their CONSUMER MEMBER card and points obtained, receipt of offers and receiving personalised discounts. (ii) Customising the contents of the web to the tastes and habits of the User. (iii) Allowing the usage of the specific services of the web existing at the moment of activation of the account as well as those that may be incorporated in the future. (iv) Managing and allowing the User access to the CONSUM communities most related to the User's lifestyle and consumption profile. (v) Use of the tools and web services in Mundo Consum in a personalised way.
  • Linking cards: The User's personal data will be processed, when requested by the User expressly by completing the corresponding boxes, to carry out the linking of his/her card with that of other members in order to be able to accumulate the points obtained in different purchases. To do this, you must indicate the MEMBER-CLIENT’s data with whose card you wish to request a link, being necessary to inform and obtain prior consent of said MEMBER-CLIENT about the supply of their data to CONSUM, so that it can carry out the corresponding verifications and request, as the case may be, confirmation of the linking of the cards. Likewise, in the event that another User or MEMBER-CLIENT requests the linking of the card with the User, the User is informed that CONSUM will process their data to request confirmation and, if applicable, to carry out such linking.
  • Sending of CONSUM publications: The User's personal data will be processed to send him/her specific CONSUM publications, such as those specified below, with but not limited to: information leaflets, Consum magazine, letters, BIS (our Social Information Bulletin), surveys, or any other communication related to the Cooperative’s activity.
  • Sending of commercial communications and advertising: The User is also informed that their data will be processed in order to (i) carry out the segmentation and elaboration of the User's consumption profile based on the products purchased, manifested tastes, purchases made, preferences and habits, requested language, usual store, surveys and in general, all the User's personal data derived from the personalised browsing through the web page, including in particular the information derived from the use of the particular services, to (a) offer personalised services in Mundo Consum, as well as (b) to send them commercial advertising communications, either by post, text message, email or other equivalent electronic means of communication, unless they object to this through any of the channels or means provided by CONSUM regarding: (i) CONSUM products and services or those marketed in their establishments; (ii) offers of the month, other offers and gift, savings or other vouchers; (Iii) events held by CONSUM; (iv) information related to different services and communities such as forum entries, contests, surveys, travel, leisure, healthy living, gastronomy, nutrition, family.
  • In addition, CONSUM will treat the data taking all necessary measures to avoid sending advertising to the User who has expressed their refusal to receive advertising, or who opposes this through the means and channels established for this purpose.

CONSUM will also process User data to send you service and administrative notifications related to the management of your profile and the communities to which the User is associated. In addition, the User can directly rectify his data in "My personal area - Modify your data".

In the event that the User completes forms intended for making comments to be published on the website (such as queries to the nutritionist or the forum), the User should bear in mind that his data will be made available to anyone that can access the site through the internet, which means a massive and universal transfer of his data to any third party User of the website from anywhere in the world, therefore, it will be the User who should assess whether or not to use aliases or other data that do not identify him/her.

In the event that the User provides his/her data for registration to an event or for the provision of any service involving the communication of his/her data to third parties directly related to CONSUM, his/her data may be transferred to such third parties or even directly collected and processed by said third parties, with CONSUM not being responsible for the treatment made by third parties of same.


The User consents to the processing of his/her personal data as a consequence of requesting registration and use of the specific services, given that such treatment is necessary for the use and enjoyment of the specific services of the website.

The purpose of processing the User's personal data through the worker’s portal will be to manage the services and specific contents described in the previous section, as well as in particular, for the following purposes:

This questionnaire will help us to know more accurately your qualities and suitability for the position that you intend to occupy. We hereby inform you that the personal data that you use in the questionnaire, those that you provide to us by sending your resume, as well as those that may be generated as a result of your participation in selective processes, will be stored in a data processing under the responsibility of CONSUM S.COOP.V., with the purpose of analysing your professional profile in order to allow you to participate in the selection processes that take place in CONSUM S.COOP. V., in light of vacancies or new posts which may arise from time to time.

The completion of this questionnaire and the referral of your curriculum by letter or by e-mail is voluntary, so it will be considered by "CONSUM S.COOP.V." in the sense that you expressly consent to the processing of your data by CONSUM S.COOP.V., for the purpose indicated.


The User consents to the processing of his/her personal data as a result of having completed a form in order for a CONSUM salesperson to contact them and thus keep the contact information for the purposes of possible negotiation to formalise the franchise agreement, as well as to provide information on CONSUM, of any kind and, specifically, information on the franchise, in the broadest possible terms, such as, but not limited to, model of the contract, conditions of access and permanence, economic conditions, advertising and any other aspects necessary and/or convenient to maintaining commercial and business relations in force. The processing of the personal data obtained through the form is obligatory in relation to the aforesaid purposes.


  • Team games: No personal information is requested via the website from children under fourteen (14) or persons of reduced capacity. In order for children between 8 and 14 years of age to access the game, they must only indicate an "alias" and a password, without any personal data being requested. Notwithstanding the foregoing, and even if personal data of minors are not collected through the registration forms that allow access to the play area of the website, if the User is a minor or of reduced capacity, CONSUM hereby warns of the need to have the consent of their parents, guardians or legal representatives for registration as a player; minors should not play, surf the Internet or visit web pages without a responsible adult knowing and authorising it, likewise CONSUM is not responsible for the actions of the minor or person of reduced capacity.



  • Blog: All the data that is collected through this portal via forms for the purpose of the correct operation of the different channels, will become part of the CONSUM database.
  • Magazine “Between ourselves”: if you would like your ideas and tips to appear in our magazine, you can use this channel to send them, ceding from that moment the Industrial and Intellectual Property to CONSUM indefinitely. "CONSUM, S.COOP.V." is not responsible for the content of the tips published on this website (or their truthfulness, veracity or real or possible effects, as well as secondary effects or consequences that, by their application, may occur), being limited solely and exclusively to the publication of same. Likewise, the names and membership card numbers of the people sending CONSUM ideas can also be published in order to be published in the different CONSUM media, whether conventional or electronic. This information is published for the sole purpose of identifying the authors of the ideas and any other purposes other than those indicated are expressly prohibited. The data entered in the form will become part of the CONSUM database.


The User consents to the processing of his/her personal data as a result of completing a form whereby he/she may submit to CONSUM any complaints, opinions, ideas, and queries that may arise. This data will be processed in order to respond to their request, complaint, suggestion or comment. The processing of the personal data obtained through the form is obligatory in relation to the aforesaid purposes. The interested party may exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition at the above address.



CONSUM informs the User that when the User provides specially protected data to CONSUM, such as religion, health, racial origin, sexual habits, union affiliation and ideology, the User must understand that said communication is an act of express consent for CONSUM to process said information in its files for the purposes indicated in the previous sections. If the User is not satisfied with this, he/she must refrain from communicating this type of data to CONSUM in any event and under no circumstance, given that in addition these data are neither requested by CONSUM nor necessary for the use of the particular services of the web site.


The User's data will only be communicated to third parties when this submission is authorised by law, as well as when the treatment responds to the free and legitimate acceptance of a legal relationship whose development, fulfillment and control necessarily imply the connection of said treatment with files belonging to third parties, although in these cases, the communication will only be legitimate as long as it is limited to the purpose that justifies it. Likewise, CONSUM will communicate User data in cases in which it must meet its obligations to the competent Public Administrations in the matter in the cases that are required in accordance with the legislation in force on each subject at the time and, if applicable, to other bodies such as State Security Forces and Corps, Judges, Public Prosecutor, Courts, Court of Accounts or the Ombudsman.


CONSUM informs the User that, pursuant to article 21.2 and 22.1 of the LSSICE, you have the right to object to the processing of your data for promotional purposes for the reception of commercial communications as well as to revoke at any time the consent given for this purpose, in any of the cases (opposition and/or revocation) with the simple notification of this wish to CONSUM.

To do this, you can in any event request the withdrawal of the commercial communications reception service:

  • Sending an email to CONSUM at the address: atencionalcliente@consum.es  with the subject UNSUBSCRIBE or UNSUBSCRIBE LSSICE, or simply indicating that you do not want to receive any more commercial communications, indicating your opposition.
  • Sending an email to CONSUM at the address: atencionalcliente@consum.es  with the subject UNSUBSCRIBE or UNSUBSCRIBE LSSICE, or simply indicating that you do not want to receive any more commercial communications, indicating that you revoke your consent.


CONSUM informs the User of the possibility of exercising their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of any of the portals regulated in these particular conditions of use, by written request addressed to CONSUM at the following address: Avenida Alginet 1, 46460 Silla (Valencia), or any that may replace it, as communicated it in the General Registry of Data Protection, or to the email address: atencionalcliente@consum.es.  To such effect, the interested party must send the written communication to CONSUM indicating the request or right that he/she exercises along with a copy of his/her ID card or valid legal document that establishes his/her identity.


 CONSUM hereby makes it known to the User that these particular conditions are accepted expressly and fully by the User by the mere fact of registering, accessing and using the particular services, to which the User is registered and accedes freely and voluntarily. If these conditions should be replaced by others in whole or in part, the new conditions shall be deemed accepted in the same way as those one set forth above.

It is the obligation of the User to access these conditions periodically in order to be aware of successive versions that are included here, although it is recommended that the User accesses same every time they intend to access or make use of the services and particular contents of this website.

In the event that the User does not accept these particular conditions or the general ones that are applied in a subsidiary way to the present ones, the User must cease to use the specific services and unsubscribe or request a cancellation of registration from CONSUM.