In compliance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter LOPD), and Royal Decree 1720/2007 of 21 December, approving the Regulation of development of the LOPD (hereinafter RDLOPD), CONSUM, S. COOP. V. (hereinafter CONSUM) wishes to inform the website User of the Policy regarding the Processing and Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter Privacy Policy) for the Users of the website www.consum.es (hereafter referred to as the present website or the website).

The visiting User is made aware that the access to and use of the services and contents of the site is carried out under his/her sole, exclusive responsibility.

CONSUM informs the website User that this privacy policy contains certain aspects related to the processing of personal data that CONSUM carries out as responsible for same through the website.

CONSUM hereby makes the User aware that this Privacy Policy is expressly and fully accepted by the User by the mere fact of accessing the website and/or use of the services contained in the website in a personalised way or through the communication of data to CONSUM. If this Privacy Policy were replaced by another in whole or in part, the new Policy shall be deemed accepted in the same way as the one set forth above. However, the website User must access this Policy periodically to be aware of any successive versions that are included here, although it is recommended that the User access it whenever he/she intends to access or make use of the services and contents of the website.

In the event that the User does not accept these general conditions or the specific conditions that regulate the use of a certain service and/or content destined for website Users and which said entity determines, the User must refrain from accessing the website, or, if necessary, leave it.

Likewise, the User is informed that these conditions will be applied subsidiary to those others that on the same matter are established, being special in nature, and are communicated to the User without limitation through the forms of requests for data, bases regulating the contests advertised on the website and/or conditions of the specific services, or any sections of the website, the present policies being complementary to the previous ones in that which is not contradicted.

The User is informed that any processing of personal data will fall under the scope of the legislation in force in Spain in terms of data protection, established by the LOPD and its complementary and development regulations.

For this purpose, personal information means any information concerning identified or identifiable natural persons - including the electronic mail and/or IP address in the case in which they unequivocally identify the interested parties - and by User, any natural, identified or identifiable person that communicates his/her personal data to CONSUM by email, completion of data collection forms, participation in competitions as well as the use of any service present on the website that involves the communication of his/her personal data to CONSUM and/or any other form of data communication to said entity.


CONSUM hereby informs the website User of the existence of various processing and personal data files which are the responsibility of CONSUM, S. COOP. V. (CONSUM), with registered offices at Avenida Alginet 1, 46460 Silla (Valencia), where the personal data that the User communicates to CONSUM through this website and/or the services that are placed at the User's disposition through same are collected and stored.


The User that accesses the CONSUM website is not obliged to provide personal information for the use of the site, therefore, any communication of data to such effects will be because the User has voluntarily decided to browse or personally use the services. Therefore, sending an email to CONSUM as well as the communication by the User to CONSUM of any other personal data through any means entails or implies the provision of his/her free, unambiguous, specific, informed and express consent for the treatment of his/her personal data by CONSUM.

However, CONSUM also has -specifically and without limitation- forms for requesting personal data and/or other data collection systems, through the website, for different purposes such as:

-Receipt of suggestions, communications, comments, complaints, questions and other questions from the website Users and attention to same.

-Receipt of curriculum vitae from Users who are interested in participating in the selection processes that may take place in CONSUM, in view of vacant or newly created positions that originate periodically.

-Request to be a CONSUM client or for the "Mundo Consum" card in accordance with the terms of the card.

-Application to register and adherence to the particular services of the CONSUM website, according to what was established in the specific conditions for their registration, accession and use.

-Request for information on franchises.

-Information request for suppliers and/or potential CONSUM suppliers through which they can voluntarily contact the department responsible in CONSUM.

-Request to partake in the various private services such as competitions, events and/or promotions, according to the regulatory bases of the same.

-Activation of the option to follow CONSUM in the different social networks in which CONSUM has an Official Page; his/her data will be processed in order to manage this space in social networks and allow him/her to participate in the different activities that are carried out on same.

-Attendance at events: CONSUM informs the User that by attending events to which they register through the forms, e-mail addresses or telephones that are published on this website, they authorise the recording of their image photographically or on video, and the internal and/or external diffusion of said image, in line with what is established in the current legislation and the right to  CONSUM information, bylaws and/ or agreements or rules regulating the event, such as courses, workshops, competitions and assemblies, so that, in accordance with the provisions of current legislation on data protection and Organic Law 1/1982, of May 5, on civil protection of the right to honour, personal and family privacy and the image itself, the User is informed that their image can be included in CONSUM publications (such as BIS magazine), as well as in the magazine and external publications (such as the ENTRENOSOTROS magazine) aimed at consumer partners and the Internet in general or on the web page or on social networks where CONSUM is present through official pages. The publication on the Internet of the photographs and/or recordings where the User's image appears, implies a processing of data with a universal scope of the User's data being accessible to anyone, from any country, including sites outside the territory of the European Economic Area or in States which do not provide an adequate level of protection in accordance with the provisions of the current legislation on the protection of personal data. If the User does not consent to such treatment, they should refrain from registering and attending or participating in the aforementioned events and events, or, if applicable, place themselves in places that are not close to the location of the cameras or photographers or follow the instructions provided in the Registration forms to oppose the capture, treatment and publication of their image for the purposes indicated.

In addition, on this site there may be other varied forms and services that in each case require the collection and processing of User's data through the website, for which purpose, CONSUM will inform Users of the processing of their data.

The User must take into account that the personal information that CONSUM collects through this website, its forms and the particular services made available to it, will only be used for limited purposes, such as those described above and/or without limitation, those where in each case they are unequivocally informed prior to the collection and processing of the interested party’s data. In this sense, the User is informed that the information that, in relation to the processing of personal data, is published by CONSUM prior to the collection of data, will be of preferential application to what is established in these policies.

Finally, CONSUM hereby states that it generally does not request specially protected data from the User, the latter being understood in accordance with Articles 7 and 8 of the LOPD for data related to race or ethnic origin, religious beliefs, criminal records, physical or mental health or sexual orientation. In the event that it is required and necessary to treat any of the above personal data, CONSUM will previously request the express consent of the User to collect and use that information, unequivocally and expressly informing of the purpose of the collection and processing of said information.


CONSUM only foresees submitting or communicating data that due to Article 11.2.c. of the LOPD must be carried out to meet its obligations with the Public Administrations in the cases that require it, in accordance with the current legislation in force in each matter at each time and, if applicable, other bodies such as the State Security Forces and Bodies, Judges, Public Prosecutor, Courts, Court of Accounts or Ombudsman.

Likewise, CONSUM advises the User that any other submission of data will be brought to the attention of the User when provided for in the LOPD, informing him/her expressly and unequivocally of the recipients of the information, of the purpose for which the data is intended and of the nature of the data transferred, or in its case when the LOPD establishes it, the User's prior unequivocal, specific and informed consent will be requested.

Finally, the User is informed that in the use of certain applications and services, such as those related to social networks, it will be the User who decides to allow his/her personal data to be made available to third parties, according to those parts of the Service whose use allows one to voluntarily share information with other Users of the website www.consum.es, all of the above without prejudice that CONSUM will describe in detail in the privacy policies of its Official Pages what information is shared, with whom and will provide all the information that under the LOPD and its subsequent regulations is necessary.


CONSUM hereby warns the User that this entity is only responsible and only guarantees the confidentiality, security and treatment of the data in accordance with this policy, regarding the personal data collected by the User through this website, not bearing any type of responsibility for the processing and subsequent uses of personal data that may be made by third party providers of information services that could access such data due to the provision of their services or exercise of their activity.

Third party providers of information society services shall be understood - without limitation - as those natural or legal persons who provide the following services: (i) Transmission through a data communication network provided by the recipients of the service. (Ii) Access services to the said network. (Iii) Data storage or hosting services. (Iv) Provision of content or information. (V) Providers of social networking services.

Likewise, CONSUM is not responsible for data processing carried out by third parties that establish hyperlinks with CONSUM nor those that are the responsibility of any entity to whom CONSUM refers the Users of its website through hyperlinks.


CONSUM warns the User that, except for the existence of a legally constituted representation, no User can use the identity of another person and communicate their personal data, so that the User at all times should keep in mind that, if he/she uses e-mail, he/she can only include personal data corresponding to his/her own identity and that is adequate, relevant, current, accurate and true. For such purposes, the User will be solely responsible for any direct and/or indirect damage caused to third parties or CONSUM by the use of personal data belonging to another person, or his/her own personal data when it is false, erroneous, not current, inadequate or irrelevant. Likewise, the User who communicates the personal data of a third party, will respond before the latter of the information obligation established in article 5.4 of the LOPD for when personal data has not been collected from the interested party, and/or the consequences of not having informed him/her.


In relation to personal data that may be published on our website, we inform the User that such data is part of one or more data processing treatments under the ownership and responsibility of CONSUM in which they have been incorporated with the prior informed consent of the interested parties and cannot be freely treated and reproduced by the website User or other third parties - or even when reference is made to the origin of the same - unless the prior authorisation and informed consent of the interested party is obtained.

The personal data that we may publish on our website may consist, without limitation, of any  numerical, alphabetical, graphic, photographic, acoustic or any other information concerning identified or identifiable natural persons, such as name, surname, IP address, Postal address and/or e-mail address, photos, images of events celebrated by CONSUM and data identifying the winners or recipients of prizes in contests, promotions or services organised or sponsored by CONSUM.

The personal data published on the website may be images of CONSUM's directors, managers or employees, which are published only to show the management of each department in the cooperative; Images of events held in or by CONSUM as well as illustrative images of the articles that are contained in CONSUM magazines. Therefore, such data may only be used by website Users for the sole purpose of informing about the activities developed in or by CONSUM or the activities in which CONSUM has collaborated or participated, being expressly prohibited any uses other than those indicated, including the incorporation of such images into files or data processing. This website also publishes information about participants in competitions and/or promotions with the sole purpose of publicising the name of the person who won them and complying with the principles of publicity and transparency that govern the activities that CONSUM organises. Likewise, the names and membership card numbers of those who send tips and/or recipes to CONSUM can also be disclosed in order to be published in the various CONSUM media, whether conventional or electronic. This information is published for the sole purpose of identifying the authors of the tips and/or recipes, being expressly prohibited any uses other than those indicated, including their incorporation into other databases or files.

In any event, this enumeration is informative and non-limiting and CONSUM may include other personal data on its website which will be subject to the limitations of use established in this section.

Therefore, all personal data - including images, videos, texts, data and any other information that is published on our website about identified and/or identifiable natural persons - may only be used by the User in order to participate and enjoy our website and its services and contents in the manner established in the general conditions of use, specific conditions, this Privacy Policy and recommendations that we may create and publish, for private purposes and within the framework of current legality, and for non-profit making or commercial purposes of any nature, being expressly forbidden any other uses other than those indicated, including the incorporation of images or data into files or treatments and/or the creation of databases of persons and/or sending of publicity or disclosure to third parties, without the prior informed consent of the User who holds the information and data, CONSUM not being responsible for the uses that the third party Users of our website may perform contrary to what is established in this section.

At no time shall the User be entitled to consider CONSUM's website as a publicly available source from which the personal data, information and contents published through it may be freely availed.


If the User is under fourteen (14) years of age or of diminished responsibility, CONSUM hereby warns of the need to have the consent of their parents, guardians or legal representatives for the communication of their personal data to CONSUM, for which CONSUM requests that they refrain from using the e-mail service and not register in any CONSUM service or contest if they do not have the consent of parents, guardians or legal representatives; in any event, CONSUM is not responsible for the actions of the minor or incapacitated person.


The User is the only source of information on his/her personal data, so CONSUM requests that, in order to keep his/her data updated and updated at all times in accordance with the principles of the LOPD, he/she should communicate any variation of same to the address Avenida Alginet no.1, 46460 Silla (Valencia) or by sending an e-mail to the address atencionalcliente@consum.es.

The User is reminded that in order to update his/her data it is necessary to prove his/her identity by providing a photocopy of an ID card or valid legal document that proves his/her identity.


To ensure that the website is being well managed and to facilitate better browsing on it, both CONSUM and the web service provider(s) may be using "cookies" (short text files stored in the User's browser) or "web beacons" (electronic images that allow the website to count the number of visitors and Users who have entered a particular website and access certain "cookies") to store and add information. CONSUM may use these tools.

When the User subscribes to or registers for the specific web services, as well as when personally browsing through it after notifying CONSUM of his/her personal data, the cookies and the use of data storage and retrieval devices in the recipients’ or applicants’ terminal equipment will be required to carry out the transmission of electronic communications, or for the provision of an information service expressly requested by the User and recipient of data storage and retrieval devices in his/her terminal equipment

For more information about our cookies policy and data storage and retrieval devices on User's terminal equipment, the User can consult our Cookies Policy.


CONSUM recommends that Users make use of the latest versions of the software for their Internet browsing, given the incorporation in same of greater security measures.

Likewise, CONSUM recommends that Users employ the security mechanisms available to them (secure web servers, cryptography, digital signature, firewall, etc.) to protect the confidentiality and integrity of their data to the extent that it is necessary, given that there exist risks of impersonation or violation of the communication.

CONSUM reminds Users that the Internet is not secure. However, different means exist and are developed that allow them to improve the protection of their data. Therefore, they should use any means at their disposal to protect their data and communications, such as the legally available encryption for confidential email and access codes to their own PC.

CONSUM warns Users that whenever they provide personal information over the Internet by means of e-mail, newsgroups, discussion forums, etc., they must bear in mind that such information can be collected and treated for purposes not intended by Users, therefore CONSUM recommends that Users inform themselves about the privacy and confidentiality policies of the online sites they visit.

CONSUM warns Users to keep in mind that, unless encryption is used, email on the Internet is not secure. Email messages and discussion forums may be subject to forgery and impersonation, which should be taken into account whenever they are used. If the User does not want to publish his/her email address, he/she must configure his/her browser so that he/she does not leave his/her email address on the web servers accessed.


Occasionally, CONSUM will update this Webpage Privacy and treatment of User's personal data Policy.

Any modification of this policy will be published on the CONSUM website and will be understood as having been accepted by the User due to having accepted the previous one, in the case in which the modifications are not substantial, and in any event, in the way in which CONSUM make the new policy available.

In any case it will be the User's responsibility to periodically access the published CONSUM privacy policies in order to be aware at all times of the latest version.


In the event that any clause or part of this Privacy Policy is made null or void, in whole or in part, this nullity or voidability shall not affect the validity of other clauses of the same, which shall remain in full force and effect, unless the party alleging nullity or annulability proves that without the clause that is null or void the purposes pursued by this Privacy Policy cannot be fulfilled.


The parties, expressly renouncing their own jurisdiction, submit themselves for the resolution of any litigation that may be referred to the Courts and Tribunals of the City of Valencia.


CONSUM will be happy to receive any comments that the User may provide in relation to this privacy and personal data protection Policy. For such purposes, or to make any inquiries regarding it, the User may contact CONSUM either via the following e-mail address:  atencionalcliente@consum.es, using the form "Your opinion means a lot" or by post to the following address: CONSUM, S. COOP. V. (CONSUM), Avenida Alginet 1, 46460 Silla (Valencia).