Benefits of laughter

Do you believe in the saying “laughter makes you live longer”? Today we tell you the benefits that laughter and a good mood have on health!



Laughter: the best medicine

The latest research about the benefits of laughter show how it strengthens the immune system, mood, reduces pain and protects us from the harmful effects of stress. 

Laughter lightens a heavy emotional load, inspires us to have confidence in ourselves, enables us to connect with others and helps us to forgive sooner.  It is a fantastic resources for overcoming problems, improving relationships and physical and emotional health. Best of all, this “medicine” is priceless, fun, free and easy to use.

Sharing a good laugh is fun, but did you know that it can genuinely improve your health?Learn about the benefits of laughter and a good mood.

For physical health

Increases immunity.

Reduces stress hormones.

Reduces pain.

Relaxes the muscles.

Prevents heart diseases.

For mental health

Makes us happy and enthusiastic about life.

Relieves anxiety, stress and tension.

Improves the ability to tolerate frustration.

Strengthens resilience: it helps us to be stronger.

Social benefits

Attracts others towards us.

Strengthens interpersonal relationships.

Improves teamwork.

Helps to soothe conflict.

Promotes group relationships.


What are the benefits of laughter?

Laughter triggers the release of endorphins, which are the natural chemical substances that are secreted within our bodies and make us feel good. These substances promote a general feeling of well-being and can temporarily relieve pain.

Laughter lightens anger's heavy load. Nothing dissipates anger and conflict faster than shared laughter. Seeing the funny side can put problems into perspective and enable you to overcome confrontations without holding on to bitterness or resentment.

More than a simple break from sadness and pain, laughter gives you the strength to find new sources of improvement and hope. Laughter stops distressing emotions. Laughter helps us to relax and recharge our energy: it reduces stress and increases energy. It changes perspective, which enables us to see situations in a more realistic and less threatening way.

Laughter makes you closer to others: it brings people together and strengthens relationships. It is contagious: just hearing laughter prepares your brain and you get ready to smile and join the fun.

How to have more laughter in your life

  • Put aside time specially to look for good humour and laughter.
  • Smile when you look at another person, even when speaking on the phone and they can’t see you. Smile! You will notice the effect on yourself and others.
  • Make a list of the things you want to take with a sense of humour. You will notice a change as soon as you decide to do it. You will see things from another perspective: you will distance yourself from negative thoughts.
  • When you hear someone laugh, move towards that person. We are happy when we share and others share with us, so it’s good to be around sources of good humour.
  • Be around people that smile easily and distance yourself from those that don’t.
  • Pocket jokes: always have a joke ready to tell.
  • Don’t take everything that happens to you so seriously... Things are never as important as you think they are!