Names for female dogs

Do you need to choose a name for a female dog, but don’t feel convinced by any of them? Here is a list of names which we are certain will help you find the name for your little dog.


9 September 2020


There is always happiness when a new puppy arrives at your home to become a new member of the family, but this also brings new responsibilities. If you have already taken the initiative of adding a puppy to your family, the name you choose for her will, no doubt, be your first difficult decision to take.

How will you choose your female dog’s name?

Before attempting to choose a name for your dog, you should keep a few factors in mind. Firstly, keep the size of your dog in mind by not mocking the animal with names that are not appropriate for her size; for example, giving a name like Beast to a Chihuahua.

 Names for small female dogs

Some common names for small female dogs are Titch, Tiny, Bella, Baby, Minnie, Trixie…

Names for larger female dogs

Duchess, Aphrodite, Athena, Ari, Hera… Don’t use people’s names. Although there are many fans of names such as Lola for female dogs, it is best to avoid these so as not to create confusion or even unease in crowded places like parks. Avoid foreign names, particularly if there are elderly people in your family that may find them difficult to pronounce.  Closely related to the previous point, we recommend using short names, as they are easier to pronounce and easier for the dog to identify.

We recommend using short names, as they are easier to pronounce and easier for the dog to identify

Short names for female dogs

We recommend using names with less than two syllables, such as Kira, Tara, Dana, Ada, Tula…  Alternatively, the dog’s colour may also help or provide you with ideas for naming them.

Names for female dogs according to their colour

Blackie, Misty, Cinnamon, Brownie, Bonnie, Coco, Sahara, Alba, Latti, Biscuit or Spot may be original names depending on your dog’s fur.

Names of famous female dogs

A very helpful resource is to opt for names of famous female dogs, whether from cartoons, films, etc. Among these could be Laika, Dame, Beta, Gamma…

We hope that we have provided you with some ideas and that the future doggie member of the family has an extremely original name.