Tricks for dogs at home

Have you ever left your pet alone at home and when you've returned, it’s been destroyed? We bring you the best tricks and remedies to teach your dog and for taking care of your house.


18 February 2020


The day a pet comes home is usually the happiest for many families. We imagine life with our new animal as a fun, harmonious and peaceful life. And this is usually the case, but sometimes there are small "surprises" that come from our dog's paw.

Although dogs tend to adapt quickly to their new home, sometimes unwanted behaviours may appear that, with a little patience and understanding of the animal, will have a solution.

How to prevent my dog from peeing on the sofa

The most frequent consultations with ethologists (professionals who study the behaviour of the animal) are about how to prevent an adult dog from peeing in the house, what home remedies we can use so that the dog does not bite the furniture or how to prevent the dog from scratching the walls .

To prevent a puppy from peeing at home, we need patience to educate it. Meanwhile, you can put down under pads or newspapers so it can get used to always peeing in the same place.

If the dog is an adult, it will probably use the pee to mark its territory. While we try to change this behaviour, we can protect its “favourite” places to pee, by putting up child barriers so that they can’t enter certain rooms, helping to prevent any nasty surprises.

One of the most effective measures to prevent the adult dog from peeing on our sofa, other furniture or the floor, is to use the appropriate cleaning products. Bleach and ammonia are prohibited, since their smell reminds them of pee and attracts them a lot, which gives us the opposite effect to the one we want.

To eliminate any trace of the smell of pee, we must use enzymatic detergents that can be purchased at a supermarket. Another remedy that also stops the smell is to clean, both furniture and the floor, with water and vinegar.

Home remedies to stop my dog from biting the furniture

If what we want is to prevent our dog from biting the furniture or scratching the walls, the first step we can take at home is to give him his own toys or teethers to entertain him. A mentally tired dog is a guarantee that it will not look out for our valuables to bite.

If the behaviour continues, in addition to the aforementioned obstacles or closing the door of some of the rooms to limit the area of movement of the dog, there are also specific anti-bite products for dogs on the market. These products usually have an unpleasant taste for dogs, so, when sprayed on objects, furniture or walls, it stops them from wanting to bite.
There are also different products on the market such as necklaces and air fresheners that give off different relaxing particles, which can help animals feel calmer when they are home alone. Another idea is to provide them with a carrier or place in the house that allows them to effectively burrow, so they can go into a shelter when they feel insecure.