Agua de Valencia: Mediterranean recipe 

With our recipe for Agua de Valencia you will prepare a popular and delicious Mediterranean cocktail. Will you miss out on this?

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Along with the horchata, Agua de Valencia (Valencian Water) is one of the most traditional drinks of the capital of the Túria and, during summer, it is the perfect chilled drink when the hot weather arrives and we want something really refreshing to drink. The Agua de Valencia cocktail is undoubtedly a safe bet for preparing at home and, as you will see shortly, there is no mystery to it at all. 

To make Agua de Valencia, the essential thing is to have delicious Valencian oranges. That is precisely the charm of the cocktail: using these fruits which are so characteristic of the Valencian region, and which are essential for achieving an incomparable flavour when squeezed to prepare the juice, which is the characteristic element of this drink. Apart from the oranges, other ingredients for Agua de Valencia are cava or champagne, vodka and gin. In the same way as for the oranges, we recommend using quality alcoholic drinks to ensure that you achieve unbeatable results. 

Before we go any further, perhaps you are asking yourself where does Agua de Valencia and its original recipe come from? It is said that it originated in 1959, when a group of Basque travellers challenged the manager of Café Madrid in Valencia, the painter Constante Gil, to invent a drink. Gil prepared the mix that we know today, which in the 1960s became increasingly popular during Valencian evenings and which has remained with us until the present day. 

Today, it is common to find Agua de Valencia in many of the city’s establishments, where it is served in a jug and in Martini-style champagne glasses. You can find varieties with different flavours; because the cocktail can be made with brut or extra brut cava and will probably have a slightly more bitter and, if made with semi-dry or sweet, the result will be slightly sweeter (there are people who even add sugar to the mixture). But without more ado, let’s look at how to make the Agua de Valencia, the recipe that you need to follow. 

Preparing the Agua de Valencia recipe

We have already told you, but it’s worthwhile reminding you: the trick for a good Agua de Valencia is its ingredients, as well as the quantities and measurements when adding and mixing them.  If you want to prepare an Agua de Valencia recipe for 5 litres, you will need to adjust the quantities, as (due to the size of the jug and the ice) usually around 1.5 litres of Agua de Valencia is prepared. 

To make Agua de Valencia you will need: 500 ml of freshly squeezed orange juice, 500 ml of cava or champagne, 250 ml of gin, 250 ml of vodka, half an orange (to decorate with segments or pieces) and ice cubes. Follow the recipe below: 

  • First of all, squeeze the oranges to get your fresh orange juice. To separate the pulp, place the juice in a jug filled to around 33% of its capacity. 
  • Then add the gin and vodka. Fill it with 16% gin and 16% vodka.
  • Then add around 33% of cava or champagne.
  • After this, gently stir until the ingredients are well mixed and leave the jug in the fridge to rest for at least 2 hours.  

It is useful to prepare the Agua de Valencia in advance so that it can rest in the fridge for the required amount of time. Then, when the time comes, all you need to do is stir it with a spoon (don’t shake it) and pour into champagne glasses, to which you have added plenty of ice. You can also decorate the glasses with slices or pieces of orange. An outstanding drink that no-one will be able to resist.