Cat names: from the classics to the most original

The arrival of a cat in your home is always a good thing. From day one they need to be treated with the love and respect that an animal deserves. Choosing a good name that captures its personality is as important as the rest of the care you give it. Do you need some inspiration? Find the most original cat names, the most popular and the most famous from cat-celebrities.


13 March 2018


Cats are much more independent that dogs. In spite of that, they reply to calls and orders as well, and so it’s important that you take the time to choose the perfect name. When it comes to choosing a name for your cat, you can choose the one you like most, but if you want it to learn its own name as soon as possible and respond to your calls, you need to follow some rules.

It needs to be a short name with only one, or at the most, two syllables. That way it will be easy for your pet to remember. Cats answer best to ‘a’ and ‘i’ sounds, although it’s more important that the name is easy to say. Another rule to follow is not using a name that is too common, nor a name that is already used in the house. It’s also a good to avoid a name that is similar to that of another pet in the house. If you have a dog and a cat, or two cats and you call them Tico and Nico, they won’t be able to tell the difference. They also shouldn’t sound like words that we use on a daily basis so that they don’t get confused. Usually, they will have learned their name within a couple of weeks, although that will depend a lot on the animal, which is why it requires time and patience. 

It needs to be a short name with only one, or at the most, two syllables

Famous, original and classics cat names

There are so many names to choose from. You could look at the colour of their skin, personality or a physical feature that stands out. You can also take inspiration from famous cats. There are some original and some funny names. Whether it’s male of female, there are an endless number of names from which to choose the one that best suits your cat. Here are some examples.

• Famous cats: Felix, Garfield, Tom, Doreamon, Silvester, Kitty, Lucifer, Azrael etc.

 According to colouring: Snow, Snowy, Cloud, Snowdrop, Whitey, Cotton, Anubis, Blacky, Chalky, Night, Dark, Gold, Goldie, Blondie, Tiger, Leo, Sunshine, Sunny etc.

• Original names: Akira, Achilles, Domino, Katmandu, Keops, Moscow, Neo, Paris, Date, Jazz, Ringo, Nilo, Kafka etc.

 Funny names: Rascal, Whiskers, Princess, Sparkles, Socks, Cookie, Cupcake, Beans, Biscuit, General, Goliath, Chubby, Patch, Lemon, Lolo, Panther, Panda, Meow, Mischief, Paws, Pizza etc.

• Classic names: Duke, Gus, Grey, Leo, Misifu, Bella, Max, Charlie, Fluffy