Crafts for kids

We propose some ideas and crafts easy to do with children. Have fun and take advantage to make the Christmas decoration of the house. Are you ready?

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Making crafts as a family has many benefits for children, according to teachers and child psychologists. Now that it is getting colder and we are spending more time at home, together with the Christmas school holidays, it might be a good time. Let us suggest some ideas that you can take advantage of for the Christmas decorations for your house. Are you ready?

Benefits of crafts

- In general, they stimulate psychomotor skills, especially the fine motor skills, because they help them use their fingers and hands with greater ease.
They encourage creativity because, with crafts, the real and tangible is combined with the imaginary and the right part of the brain is worked, which is the creative part.
They develop patience and perseverance.
They improve the child's self-esteem because they are able to face a challenge and do it, even if they are not great artists, so it is important to value the craftsmanship done, since we will be assessing their effort and work.
They stimulate attention, concentration and memory because the child focuses their attention on one thing. In addition, it shows them how adults work and lets them copy them.
They are fun and encourage family communication.

Crafts have many benefits for children, according to children's teachers and psychologists.

Decorative ornaments

Decorative mittens

Just draw around each hand (with fingers closed) on a coloured piece of card, cut them out, make a small hole in the base and tie them together with a piece of wool thread. They can be decorated with pom-poms, stickers, coloured markers or glitter.

Santa Claus ornaments

Fold the tips of toilet rolls inwards, paint them red and black and put a white sticker on them drawing his face.


With wooden sticks painted white and coloured ribbons.

 Or paper: fold a square piece of paper three times diagonally, cut the tip so that it is straight and then cut into different shapes.

Christmas postcards

 Paint your child's hands in green paint and put them on a piece of cardboard folded in half and then paint on coloured dots to look like Christmas baubles. Another option is to make a reindeer or a Christmas tree with coloured card or make original postcards with coloured buttons.

Nativity figures

They can be made with rolls of paper, paint, a few pieces of wool and felt. Or, with cork stoppers: you just have to paint their faces, dress them with a few pieces of cloth and put some little wire crowns on them.


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