5 tips for eco-friendly decoration

The trend towards less is more and the concept based on respect for the environment is moving into areas such as home decoration. The 3Rs have been adopted as the premise of decoration: recycling, reducing and reusing with elements of natural origin and the use of environmentally friendly materials.


17 August 2018


Betting on the natural and the authentic, using sustainable raw materials to make your home a much more welcoming place, decorating with wood, fabrics and natural fibers is a trend, because it is possible to transfer all the magic of nature to your home, respecting the environment and being sustainable.

1.Wood is the material that takes us to nature and it is not only that we can use it for furniture, but it can also become a fundamental decorative element, using re-cycled, little treated wood or encouraging you to give a second life to the furni-ture that goes from generation to generation and join the 'vintage' fashion.

2.The use of raw materials such as vegetable fibers will give a unique touch to your decorative elements and to any space in your home. choose handcrafted objects made of wicker, rattan, bamboo or coconut fiber that can be seen in lamps, chairs and carpets.

3.Say hello to natural fabrics - wool, cotton and linen are back to stay, and the trend is for bedding and home textiles to always be in neutral colours that evoke nature, so fill your life with earthy, ochre, beige, blue and light green colours.

4.If you are not very fond of natural plants, try to introduce elements with vegetal motifs, such as floral prints on cushions or textiles.

5.Add colour to your home: the colours of nature itself, the ochre of the earth, the blue of the sky or the grey of the rocks, using this colour range you bring the se-renity and balance that comes from the most natural places, and don't forget to use ecological paints!

 ‘Reuse, give a second life to our furniture and reduce the decorative elements looking for the unique, the handmade, the original and the ecological’.

Eco-friendly decorating styles that are a hit

Raw decoration

‘Raw’ beauty is based on connecting with nature and valuing the most original materials that give off beauty in themselves, creating sober yet warm environments, where raw natural materials predominate. This means little or no treatment, taking us to the most natural and 'without luxury' environment possible through untreated wood, natural wickers and fabrics, because nature is beautiful in itself, without the need for artifice.

Decoration wabi-sabi

It follows a trend of Japanese origin focused on minimalism, Zen and the beauty of the imperfect, that is to say, that small detail, crack or scratch that makes something ordi-nary become unique and full of personality, based on reusing the materials that nature gives us, repairing what is broken and looking for imperfect and worn objects, in short, discovering the beauty of the passage of time and the simplicity of nature, recovering the taste for simplicity.

'Both trends are based on the use of natural materials and each element and style can coexist in perfect harmony to create a warm and 'eco-friendly' atmosphere'