Everything you need for them to eat well

With the end of summer and back to school period come good resolutions to improve childrenā€™s daily life, both in terms of organising homework and of healthy eating. 

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8 September 2016


The Team Consum portal, aimed at teaching the young consumers of the house, has been renewed with resources and games for them to learn healthy lifestyle habits. It also offers articles and competitions for teachers and families to guide them in this learning process.

www.teamconsum.consum.es is starting the new school year with a new look and lots of changes. New articles, more interactive games, articles on nutrition and education, group activities for the classroom and a fully accessible design.

The activities are spread out in stages from 3 to 14 years, in a format which adapts to all devices (tablet, computer, digital whiteboard and mobile), so that the teaching resources may be used both in the classroom, at the start of class or at break or lunchtime, and at home with the family.

As well as learning, by playing with the Team, how to shop well, about the food pyramid or the basis of the Mediterranean diet, children will have access to traditional games such as noughts and crosses, odd one out, guessing games or bingo, all focused on healthy eating.

This fun area of the website is complemented by teaching proposals for teachers to work with their students in a convenient and fun way, by applying group work resources and dynamics in the classroom. It also includes a special section of articles on nutrition to support the creation of weekly menus at home.


This online tool aimed at schoolchildren, educators and families arose in 2014 with the aim of encouraging healthy lifestyles and eating in young consumers.

Team Consum is part of the Training Programme which Consum continuously directs to young consumers and which aims to combine learning about consumer topics (eating, nutrition and food safety) with playing, thus encouraging healthy, responsible  lifestyles and awakening their critical sense as consumers.

Teaching resources, games and articles on healthy lifestyles, one click away.