Experiences as gifts 

Over time, material gifts become forgotten. Would you like to delight someone with a different kind of gift? We recommend that you give them experiences, moments. 



Memory is selective, which is why we are better at remembering things that have the most significance for us, for example, the experiences that have marked our lives rather than what we ate yesterday. Our brains prioritise gratifying memories over other memories, and they reinforce them through repetition when we are resting. So, why not give moments and experiences at this time of year? Our loved ones will certainly be delighted by them, and they will be good for the environment.  

4 unforgettable non-material gift ideas

You don’t have to spend lots of money to show the love and affection you feel for a person. You can give them something much more valuable: your time and attention. Below, we give you some ideas so that this year’s gifts will be unforgettable as well as environmentally friendly. 

1. A walk in the woods: accompanying your favourite person or your children on a walk in nature and recharging your batteries is to give time and health, two of the most precious things we have. It is always a good time to gather up all the benefits of a forest bath and do some gentle physical activity that activates your metabolism and also allows you to breathe clean air. If you are going with children, you can tell them about the types of trees, plants, flowers and animals that you find along the way so that they learn during the experience and use their five senses: the shape of a poplar leaf, the scent of a daisy, the sound of starling… And if you take some food to eat there, in the heart of nature, that’s even better. But keep in mind that you must always leave the place as you find it, by collecting up all your rubbish. To make it more exciting, you can plan the chosen place and the route and take the person who is being given the gift by car with their eyes blindfolded so that it is a real surprise. You’re certain to find some beautiful locations close to where you live that are worth a visit with the people you love the most. 

2. Watch a sunrise or a sunset: according to many studies, stopping for a moment to contemplate beautiful moments in nature with our loved ones, like a sunrise or a sunset, is good for our mental health as well as for our bodies. Apart from dedicating some time to contemplation and to relaxing the mind to relieve the daily stress, it is beneficial for everyone. Also, exposure to early morning light improves your metabolism and is even linked to weight loss. However, from a psychological point of view, paying attention to the sunset and nightfall through simple contemplation makes us conscious of the natural cycle of the day and, with this, our activities also settle into this dynamic and influence our true natural clock. It has also been proved that exposure to sunlight improves your mood and your health, and sunrise and sunset are the two best times to be exposed to the sunshine without damaging your skin. Gifting this moment to people you love, along with an unhurried, calm and attentive conversation, and some laughter – why not? – may result in an unforgettable experience. 

3. Do some sport together: how many times have you stopped practicing a sport or going to the gym because you could not be bothered to do it on your own? Another gift suggestion may be to go to the gym, go for a run or to walk two or three days a week with your partner, children or friends. With this gift, you won’t only be giving your time, but you will also be giving health and wellbeing. Physical exercise makes your body release endorphins, these are hormones that make us feel happy and content. And sport has great psychological benefits for people, so moving around may help you to feel much better. 

4. Digital photo album or photo mural:  we take endless photos on our mobiles with the people that we value most, with those we have shared a journey, a birthday, or a special moment. Gathering them all together and making a photo mural or a digital photo album may also be the perfect gift, without spending hardly any money. Or simply developing a photo and putting it in a frame may make a precious and unforgettable gift.  And if your family likes to celebrate everything around the table, you could create an album of family recipes containing all the ingredients and cooking instructions along with the photos of when you have enjoyed those dishes together. An original gift for passing on “grandma’s recipes” from one generation to another as well.