The tradition of giving flowers for Valentine's Day

Although any time is a good time for giving flowers, it is at this time of the year when both men and women show their most romantic side and take a chance by giving flowers and plants to show their love.

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6 February 2019


La tradición de regalar flores por San Valentín

What flowers to give for Valentine's Day?

Bouquets of roses, tulips and orchids are usually given the most, although giving plants is becoming more popular because they last longer. Below, we will give you some simple guidelines so that the flowers can be preserved in better state and for a longer time.

Bouquets can last between five days and three weeks. Their life will depend on the flower variety and the care you give them.

1. First of all, remove the wrapping paper around the bouquet, always cut the flower stems diagonally, remove the leaves that you don’t need and put the flowers in water.

2. To keep roses, remove the thorns, cut the stems diagonally and change the water changed frequently. Always use cold water.
3. If you are given orchids, it's good to know that they last a long time and don't require much special care. It is recommended to cut its stem diagonally and submerge them in warm water. Ensure that the roots are always in the light.

4. If you opt for lilies, they usually arrive closed, and they will open over the course of a week. The only disadvantage of this intensely perfumed flower is that its reddish stamens stain a lot. To remove the stain from clothing use a dry sponge or adhesive tape, never use water.

5. Hydrangeas with more vivid colours come from Holland, but these last for less time than Spanish hydrangeas, whose colours are lighter. To prevent them from drying out, we advise that you submerge them in cold water.

La tradición de regalar flores por San Valentín

In addition to all the above, it is important to make sure that you give flowers fresh water every day, by renewing it every morning. There are special sachets on the market that you can add to the water to help the flowers last longer. But use these in moderation.

The stems should be cut twice a week, because this way the flower is hydrated in a much more satisfactory way. And it is also very important to choose a good place to put them, avoiding direct light or excessive heat. Cool, well ventilated and light places are ideal.