Causes of hair loss in dogs

What causes hair loss in dogs? Find out about the different causes and try to prevent your dog losing more hair with the following advice.



As with most things related to dogs, it is important to stress that hair growth and loss depend largely on breed. Although in general, it is related to changes in the seasons, excessive loss of hair over a prolonged period of time may be due to disease. In this case, the best thing to do is to visit a vet.  

Why is my dog losing its hair?

There could be many reasons for this. In general, dogs moult in the spring and autumn due to changes in the seasons, but other causes may also be due to stress or poor diet.

  • The seasonal moult. As any other animal, our dogs prepare themselves for the coming heat and cold, depending on the time of year. In the spring, they shed a large part of their coat in order to be left with a lighter layer. While in autumn, they produce thicker fur to cope with the cold. This is something completely normal and is a natural function of fur.
  • Stress. Like humans, dogs can also suffer from stress and can lose their fur because of it. In this case, we’re talking about alopetia areata, which is one of the most complex diseases to treat if it is not detected in time. For this reason, you should brush your dog regularly and check the thickness of their coat.
  • Poor diet. The quality of the food that your dog eats is essential for good hair growth: if you don’t provide the nutrients that they need, it will not only be reflected in their coat, but also in their energy levels.
  • Sunlight requirements. This is a particular problem during the winter months. It is no coincidence that our dogs like to snooze in the sun, they need it for hair growth.  
  • Allergies and skin problems. The allergic reactions that your dog may suffer from will cause irritation in the affected area and will make the hair disappear. The more sensitive your dog’s skin is, the more vulnerable it will be to this problem.  

How can you prevent hair loss in dogs?

Although hair loss is something that is completely natural in dogs, there are various methods to prevent them losing more than the necessary amount of hair.

  • Hair loss tablets. This supplement will not completely stop the disappearance of their hair, but the omega 3 it contains will strengthen it and develop a soft and shiny coat.
  • Regular brushing. This is an essential step. There are various types of brushes for brushing your dogs. Your vet can give you the best advice as to which would best for your dog’s coat.
  • Good diet. A good quality feed will provide all the required nutrients so that your dog does not lose more than the necessary amount of fur and for them to maintain a strong and healthy coat.