Discover the hairstyles that will be on trend 

We tell you the hairstyles that will be on trend next year, both for men and women. Discover the latest trends with us.

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With the arrival of the new season, the body is itching for change and, what’s better than a change in hairstyle. If you start to think about the different hairstyles for women and men, you would never stop. Buy you must remember that not all styles are made for everyone. There are several tips for knowing which style suits you more or less depending on the shape of your face and your features.

To settle any doubts and find out which style suits you best, let’s take a look at some of the trending women’s hairstyles for autumn-winter 2023/2024.

  • Garçon: among the short women’s hairstyles, the garçon styles is classic and fashionable. This is a comfortable and elegant style, a fringe with long layers will allow you to play and create different styles to stop you from becoming bored.  
  • The wolf cut: this style combines the shag haircut, known for its defined layers, with the infamous mullet. This option emphasises the facial features; and layers and volume will allow you to play with highlights.
  • The fringe is back: this characteristic adds body to long hair and rhythm to short hair. Thinned, curtains, parted in the middle or straight; each has its own essence.
  • Wavy, shoulder length hair: this option never fails, not even now, when looking back at women’s hairstyles for 2023. It looks good, it allows you to wear all types of styles and doesn’t need the maintenance and care of long hair.

When it comes to men’s hairstyles the mullet will continue to be on trend, but in a more subtle and sophisticated way. Very short cuts or shaved heads like the army cut won’t go unnoticed either. And finally, for those who prefer to have their hair a little longer, the layered style will be the perfect choice.

Ultimately, whatever you choose, knowing your tastes is the most important thing, as well as looking for examples that inspire you and, above all, asking yourself whether you will be capable of maintaining the style or if you won’t have enough time to keep it looking fantastic. Despite this, if you want a change of look, don’t be afraid to experiment until you find the perfect style for you.