How do I know if my dog is happy? Facts and signs that show it

Would you like to know if your dog is happy? Are you doing the right thing so they lead a full life? We answer these questions in this post. Take note!



Our pets are another member of the family, even children think of them as siblings. In the same way as with people, we want to know if our dogs are happy and, if not, to know how we can make them happy.

Although we can’t understand our dogs, it is possible to find out their mood. Being descendants of wolves, they have many aspects in common with them; however, over time they have adopted some of our gestures, like smiling. In the case of wolves, showing their teeth is a sign of aggressiveness; however, when a dog does it, it means they are happy or they are even greeting us.

These are some of the signs that will show us whether our pet is happy.

What makes a dog happy?

  • They wag their tail: Does your dog wag his/her tail? It is one of the actions that reveals to us that they are indeed happy. If your pet has a short or curly tail, look at the top of it.
  • They are playful: Running in circles, your dog bringing you an object that you throw for them or short barks are synonymous with them being in a good mood.
  • They focus their attention on you: They will be happy to play with you, they will look for you and will be happy whenever you arrive home.
  • They love being stroked: Another sign that our dog is happy is physical affection. If they are wanting to be stroked by the people around them, especially if they live with them, it will show us they are in a good mood.
  • Dilated pupils: In the same way that people’s pupils dilate when they see something they like, it happens to dogs too.

    Few things compare to seeing a happy dog. In addition, their joy is contagious!