How can you decorate your home in autumn?  

Discover the best tips to learn how to decorate your home in autumn andsurprise all your guests with the latest trends.



The fact that summer decoration is completely different to autumndecoration is a universal truth. With an imminent drop in temperatures and thecolour palette that the new season brings, you will want to slightly alter theenvironments at home to make them warmer, cosier and homier. 

How can you decorate your home in autumn? It is very easy: it does not require painting walls or making a large economic investment. Not even altering the essence of each space. We just need to make small changes here and there to give our house a new touch. Warmer colours, classier fabrics, warm materials... With a few simple tips you can achieve a lot without spending thoo much, and you will learn how to decorate for autumn quickly and easily so that your home can become a true refuge.

However, before we start with ome decorating tips for autumn, it's a good idea to know why the changing of seasons can be a good time to carry out a thorough cleaning of the house. You just need to plan the tasks in an orderly and effective way, room by room, and take advantage of the fact that the weather is still good, and textiles dry quickly to give them a refresh. In addition, we must make sure to review heat sources, whether we have a fireplace or heating, so, when we need it, it works perfectly.

Let's see what we can do to welcome autumn at home:

  • Swap thin curtains and net curtains for warm fabrics. It's as simple as putting away summer bed covers and opting for velvet, corduroy, or even wool cushions.
  • Modify the colour palette. Dark colours invite a sense of seclusion. Olive or light wood tones are very autumnal. In addition, shades of green, earth, tan, grey or leaf and check prints can go beautifully. Pastel tones or colours from the same range are used to warm up the atmosphere, while furnace, tile and brown colours provide strength and warmth. Don't forget classic white, beige, grey, ochre or gold, which are key when decorating a house in autumn.
  • Add points of light. As there are fewer hours of light in autumn, adding an extra lamp can give the atmosphere a very interesting touch. It can be a floor lamp or even a candleholder next to an armchair.
  • Opt for lightweight auxiliary furniture (preferably curved, rounded and edgeless, to soften the decoration) or accessories such as straw baskets, jugs, pot holders, magazines... You can also give a new life to the coffee table or a corner with a glass vase with flowers. Lavender, heather or sunflowers are ideal for this time of year.
  • Add XL plants to your living room to make it more welcoming. Choose indoor varieties that can withstand temperature changes and convey serenity. You can also display a set of plants and create a green corner of the living room, or even set up a vertical indoor garden.
  • Renovate the decoration on the walls. Take down pictures and prints that are more summery or beach-inspired and replace them with warmer ones. A new gallery of pictures can be made on the wall, using photographs, illustrations or drawings. How can I decorate my home in autumn like this? There is no single correct answer: anything that inspires the feeling of an autumnal home works.
  • Made carpets the protagonists. Not only do they help mitigate the feeling of cold, but they add a comfortable tread and protect the floors of the entire house. Whether large or small, in the living room or hallway, they are perfect for autumn and winter. You can opt for striking carpets with geometric designs.
  • Trust the power of candles. The aroma of cinnamon is one of the most popular scents in autumn.

Other tips for decorating your home in autumn

To decorate a room for autumn, specifically, there are also a number of guidelines to follow:

  • Bedrooms. Include long pile or fluffy carpets. If you have an armchair, reupholster it or cover it with a fluffy blanket that makes sitting in it more pleasant. You can also add a quilt to the foot of the bed. Velvet or, for example, a linen headboard also works well in the bedroom.
  • The hallway. It's time to take out the raincoats and umbrellas. You can also hang a trench coat or a scarf to add atmosphere to this area. Wooden touches will also go well.
  • Terrace or porch. Even in autumn, you can extend its use by using an outdoor stove that helps combat the cold, or by changing the fabric of the cushions to make them more cosy. In addition, pleasantly textured blankets or plaids can be added. Outdoor lanterns, candles, and lights that create ambiance are also recommended.