What is hygge style?

Hygge is a Danish word that describes a feeling, a moment and an experience all at the same time. According to Meik Wiking, the author of the book Hygge, Happiness in small things, hygge “consists of being with the people you love. A sense of home. Feeling safe, protected from the world and of being able to drop your guard. Whether you’re having an endless conversation about the little or big things in life –or just being comfortable in silence with another person-, or simply enjoying a cup of tea on your own.” It is what could be translated as wellbeing, here and now, and putting stress to one side.

This concept is associated with one of the secrets of happiness; in fact, Denmark, where this concept originated, is one of the happiest countries in the world, and it seems that hygge contributes to this.

Why have a hygge Christmas at home?

Christmas itself is a very hygge time, with its family reunions, preparing for parties, decorating the home, the special atmosphere created, etc. But apart from Christmas, hygge protects us from the general and consumer stress that surrounds us, particularly during the Christmas period.  

But apart from Christmas, hygge protects us from the general and consumer stress that surrounds us

Hygge decor ideas

To achieve the warmth of the hygge style and to create a welcoming and tranquil atmosphere, you should choose a decor that is predominantly made of wood, that has simplicity, and with soft lighting on the “pure” elements of Christmas, like the Christmas tree. You should also search out soft, warm textiles with delicate detail, a certain level of minimalism and things that are very natural.

• The tree: a fir tree and 3 basic elements can be turned into a success. Use only small figures, some lights and a wooden star at the top. You can mix different styles, giving it a personal touch, but don’t over-decorate the tree too much.

• Shelves and furniture: make the most of these for adding decorative items according to your style: garlands, little lights around a mirror, blankets on armchairs and sofas, etc.

• The table: is an essential element for conveying the hygge spirit to all the diners.  Use a well-ironed cloth table covering; choose a pretty table centre decoration with 3 or 4 elements that allows everyone sitting at the table to reach the dishes; choose different crockery to the one you normally have while keeping it unpretentious,  but remember that just by changing the crockery, the dinner table will take on a different air; also take care of the small details: create labels for place settings with the names of the diners, use attractive salt and pepper pots, have water in a jug, offer the wine in a decanter, use attractive napkins, etc.

• The front door: hang up a crown, a home-made decoration, a star, or a Christmas stocking. Even if it seems silly to you, these are the kind of touches that make a difference.

6 factors for successfully creating the hygge atmosphere

 1. Flavour: savour your food calmly, using your senses to enjoy each mouthful. Enjoy the moment and your family. There is nothing more hygge than this feeling. There is no need to create a gourmet menu. There are countless simple recipes that will delight all those present.

 2. Scents: chocolate, cinnamon, sponge cakes… Does Christmas happiness have a special scent for you? Everyone identifies these in their own way. That comforting scent that only you know about. When the time arrives, enjoy it.

3. Sounds: think about the sounds that are characteristic of Christmas for you. The rain, children’s laughter, the crackling of logs on the fire, etc. This is also part of the hygge Christmas.

4. Touch: the weave of your favourite blanket, your grandmother’s china teacup, your mother’s dish of home-made cakes… What does touch mean to you at Christmas?

5. Light: use candles to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere, adjust the intensity of the lighting to make rooms cosier… With small touches you can make big changes.

6. Presence and gratitude: live in the present, the “here and now”, find pleasure in the little things (a good book, the music you like, watering your favourite plants, drinking tea on the terrace, etc.). And then, be thankful for the pleasure of being able to experience these moments, its very comforting