Infusions to reduce blood pressure  

Infusions to reduce blood pressure will help you to regulate this cardiovascular problem which is becoming more common. Start now by looking after yourself with these infusions.

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You are bound to have heard of hypertension. But, what does this term really mean? Well, hypertension means that the blood pressure is continuously high; in other words, the blood pushes too hard against the walls of the arteries in a sustained and continuous way over time. This situation can lead to very serious health problems, such as heart disease and also brain disorders. 

For that reason, controlling blood pressure is recommended. How? Firstly, by seeing a specialist, who is likely to advise you to change certain habits of your life (do exercise, a new diet, stop smoking...). Additionally, just as there are foods that help to control blood pressure, there are also herbs that will help you to reduce and control it.  Would you like to know which ones? Take note!

Which herbs to reduce blood pressure can I try?

There are certain natural herbs and plants whose properties are beneficial in combating these issues with blood pressure. Below are 5 herbs to reduce blood pressure:

  • Valerian: stressful situations can cause blood pressure to skyrocket. In these cases, this herb is very useful, thanks to its relaxing, sedating and anti-inflammatory properties, as it will help to reduce blood pressure arising from stress or nerves. It is considered a natural tranquilliser, so it is one of the most effective infusions to reduce blood pressure quickly. 
  • Lavender: the active ingredients of lavender favour the circulation of blood through the arteries. In addition, it has sedating properties which control the nerves and, as a result, will reduce blood pressure.  
  • Lemon balm: is a herb recommended to combat stress,  tachycardia or insomnia. Additionally, it also improves blood circulation, among other things. For that reason, lemon balm has become one of the recommended infusions for high blood pressure. 
  • Chamomile: this herb also stands out for its relaxing effects, like some of those mentioned above. But, what is special about chamomile, according to studies carried out, is that it favours the dilation of the blood vessels and, therefore, the reduction in blood pressure.  It is therefore highly recommended to reduce high blood pressure. 
  • Rosemary: Have you ever had a rosemary infusion? Some of the benefits include improving blood circulation and the proper working of the arteries. If you are looking for infusions for hypertension, this is a very good option and, above all, natural. 

Infusions that will help you to reduce blood pressure and how to make them

In addition to the 5 herbs recommended above, there are other infusions that favour and help to maintain the correct blood pressure. 

  • Celery infusion: is a very good alternative for controlling blood pressure thanks to its antioxidant compounds. Moreover, it helps to reduce the production of the hormone cortisol, high levels of which can cause an increase in blood pressure. To make it, boil a cup of water, add 20 grammes of celery, leave it to rest for 15 minutes and strain it. It’s that simple! You will only need to have a cup of this drink each day. 
  • Oregano infusion: is characterised by its diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties. Its active ingredients also help to clean the arteries and therefore prevent potential circulatory problems. In terms of how to make it, boil a cup of water and, when it reaches boiling point, add a teaspoon of oregano and leave it to rest for 15 minutes. Once the time is up, strain it and drink a cup mid-morning. Drinking it for at least 3 weeks is recommended. 
  • Dandelion infusion: this is a plant with diuretic properties which, thanks to its minerals, also helps to protect inflamed tissues, so it favours a good blood circulation. To drink it, you just need to boil a cup of water, add a tablespoon of dandelion, cook on a low heat for 3 minutes, leave it to rest and strain it. It is advisable to drink a minimum of one cup each day for 3 weeks. 
  • Linden blossom: you can also take linden blossom to reduce blood pressure, especially when caused by stress. Linden blossom is usually consumed for relaxation (in fact, it is one of the most popular from this category), and is key if we want to reduce blood pressure. 

These are some of the natural recommendations to reduce blood pressure, but don’t forget that it is also important to see your doctor for a check-up. Finally, you should bear in mind that, if you are following any medical treatment, it is advisable that you consult your doctor before taking any of these infusions for high blood pressure.