Lamb's lettuce salad, perfect for the summer!

Discover different ideas for making a lamb’s lettuce salad. An ideal, healthy and cool option for summer. Don’t miss out!

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Lamb’s lettuce has become more prominent in recent years, and with good reason. It is credited with having diuretic, purifying, digestive and relaxing effects. And its benefits don’t end there, it also strengthens the hair and nails, and helps to protect the sight. All in all, it has become a delicious and healthy alternative to the classic lettuce salad, and more so in summer.

Its light texture and smooth flavour also mean that lamb’s lettuce salad and its recipes combine well with numerous healthy ingredients, including nuts and fruits.  If we add to this the fact that it takes no time at all to prepare dishes with lamb’s lettuce, you will have an easy, simple and (of course) delicious recipe both for lunch and evening meal.

To make our lamb’s lettuce salad, you will only need to know the recipes below. Take note!

Rocket and lamb's lettuce salad

Rocket and lamb's lettuce salad is one of the most successful of all, as it is able to fuse two elements (rocket and lamb's lettuce) which provide vitamins A, C and E, as well as phosphorus, manganese, iron, potassium, iodine and folic acid.  You also need to bear in mind that rockets adds a peppery and acidic touch which enriches the mixture, adding a very unique flavour. If, on the other hand, you add fruits like apple, you will have a delicious salad.

Let’s take a look at what you need to make our rocket and lamb's lettuce salad, although we’ll tell you now that there is no mystery to it. These are the ingredients you need to buy:

-100 g lamb's lettuce
-100 g rocket
-½ red onion
-1 medium tomato
-1 green apple

For the dressing, you will need:

-50 ml apple vinegar
-30 g mustard seeds
-50 ml olive oil

Make the rocket, apple and lamb’s lettuce salad, it takes around 15 minutes. Let's get to it:

1.Firstly, place the oil, vinegar and mustard seeds in a bowl. Stir the ingredients and season before setting aside.
2.Wash the lamb's lettuce, drain it and place in a salad bowl.
3.Then finely chop the onion and add to the bowl, before mixing it with the lamb's lettuce and part of the seasoning so everything is thoroughly integrated.  
4.Cut the tomato into quarters, slice and add to the bowl.
5.Wash the rocket, drain and add to the salad.
6.Finally, pour the rest of the dressing before serving.

Lamb’s lettuce and avocado salad

Avocado has around 15 nutrients, from calories to proteins, and fibre, vitamins, potassium, magnesium or iron. It is, therefore, normal that it goes well with lamb's lettuce, showing that salads can be tasty, original and delicious.

The ingredients you need for lamb’s lettuce and avocado salad are:

-1 avocado
-5 cherry tomatoes
-½ cup rocket
-½ cup lamb's lettuce
-3 tablespoons feta cheese (crumbled)
-5 black olives
-virgin extra olive oil

Let’s get started with making this lamb’s lettuce salad:

1.Peel the avocado, remove the stone and then cut into cubes.
2.Rinse and dry the cherry tomatoes and cut into quarters.
3.Place the chopped avocado, tomato, feta cheese, olives, lamb's lettuce and rocket in a bowl.
4.The salad now needs to be dressed, so add a drizzle of olive oil and mix well ...voilà!

This type of recipe can also be scrumptious with red onion and cucumber, or a hard-boiled egg, tuna and flaked almonds.

Lamb's lettuce salad with goat’s cheese, nuts and honey vinaigrette

Perfect for lovers of strong cheese, the good thing about this lamb’s lettuce salad is that it can also be enjoyed with a milder cheese, or without cheese at all, if you prefer. Our mouths are watering already, let’s get to it!

In terms of ingredients, you will need:

-200 g lamb's lettuce
-1 log goat’s cheese
-40 g nuts (walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds)
-20 g raisins
-1 green apple (Golden)

For the vinaigrette, you will need:

-1 tablespoon mustard (French)
-Modena vinegar
-olive oil
-1 pinch of salt

In terms of the method:

1.First, make the vinaigrette, since it can be left to rest while you make the rest of the salad. To make it, add all of the ingredients to a bowl, mix and stir.
2.Add the nuts to a frying pan and place on a medium-high heat. Fry until they are slightly browned (you need to be very careful they don’t burn). Set aside.
3.Peel the apple, remove the core and cut into small cubes.
4.Then cut the cheese into slices or quarters.
5.Now you just need to assemble the salad in a bowl (or in individual dishes), placing the lamb's lettuce, apple goat’s cheese, raisins and nuts.  The final touch is the honey vinaigrette that you will spray on top.

If you want to add extra flavour or a unique touch, you can incorporate tinned tuna, marinated salmon or fried chicken breast cut into strips. Delicious!

Dare to make something different: sautéed lamb's lettuce

There is a different way of making a lamb’s lettuce salad and that’s by sautéing them. Yes, you read that right: sautéed lamb’s lettuce is another easy and quick way of enjoying a healthy meal.

To make them, you need the following:

-½ cup lamb's lettuce
-¼ onion, chopped
-1 clove garlic, chopped
-½ cup olive oil
-¼ cup balsamic vinegar
-½ teaspoon salt
-½ teaspoon black pepper

The method is as follows:

1.Heat the olive oil in a frying pan on a medium heat and add the onion and garlic. Then sauté until the lamb's lettuce is slightly golden.
2.Add the balsamic vinegar, salt and black pepper and sauté for a few more minutes.
3.Optionally, you can season them with a touch of chopped parsley. Otherwise, serve warm.

The good thing about this recipe? That you can accompany it with white rice, another type of salad or toast. They can also be served as a snack. Finally, it is an excellent base for trying different vegetables like courgette, mushrooms, asparagus or peppers.