Fears in pregnancy and how to overcome them

Fears in pregnancy are very common. Whether you are a first-timer or not, there are always doubts and concerns that you can overcome. Take note!



Fear is a common and characteristic emotion of the human being. Faced with the new challenge that a pregnancy represents, occasions of uncertainty and restlessness arise that, as a result of ignorance, can lead you to a situation of anxiety.

How to overcome fear during pregnancy

- Spontaneous abortion: it is true that on some occasions unwanted interruptions of pregnancy occur in the first weeks, but we should not think about it, it is not something generalized and it is advisable to lead a normal life until the first ultrasound. When mothers receive the news of the presence of the heartbeat, the chances of a miscarriage are reduced to only 5%.

- Birth defects: fears also arise regarding congenital defects that babies maysuffer. In this sense, regular check-ups are very important, through ultrasound and analytical tests that will help you to be calm and to know the development of the baby. Congenital malformations only occur in 4% of pregnancies.

- Fear of childbirth: This fear usually arises from the lack of knowledge or experience and the expectations that each woman has about it. A mother who has negative expectations about childbirth, or a new mother who doesn't know much about how this process works, will probably be more afraid than a mother who has positive expectations and feels more confident about childbirth.

There is also the concern regarding the pain process of childbirth: it is important to have a doctor you trust and talk about the fears and wishes of what may occur at the time of delivery.

It is very important to attend the childbirth preparation courses, in the same way as the previous sessions with the midwife. All the information and knowledge are necessary to face the new stage.

What does my baby feel when I am afraid?

The adaptability of the baby allows for its correct development, even in truly adverse situations. The stress and fears of a pregnancy assault the mother in the face of a highly uncertain process.

Being able to discuss with your partner and your doctor what and how future events may occur helps to take the changes and news with renewed confidence.

If you are pregnant or are looking to become pregnant, there is no better escape from fear than feeling loved and supported by your partner. The closeness of your friends and having all the medical support you may need also helps, normalizing the physical and psychological changes that the new stage of life will bring.