Nutricosmetics, health and beauty from inside

Although nutricosmetics refers to food supplement tablets which promote beauty from the inside, there are also nutricosmetic foods which keep your body healthy and delay ageing

health and beauty


Doctors recommend maintaining a healthy, balanced diet, avoiding fats, alcohol and smoking, and regularly exercising to enjoy a healthy life. There are no magic potions which guarantee longevity or youth. However, there are natural components which delay cell ageing and the signs of ageing on the skin.


There are antioxidant-rich foods which can delay the deterioration of skin, tissue, organs, etc. They act upon free radicals, which can be internal (stress, metabolism…) and external (smoking, alcohol, pollution, bad diet, excessive sun exposure…). Therefore, including antioxidant foods in your diet helps you to maintain good health and beauty.

Although there are 8,000 types of antioxidants, they do not all act in the same way. Here are ten ‘super-antioxidants’.


If you can’t take these vitamins and minerals through food, you can take them concentrated thanks to food supplements such as:

• Cranberry: contains vitamin C.

• Yeast with zinc and vitamin E.

 Collagen and hyaluronic acid: with vitamin C and zinc.

• Beta-carotene: precursor of retinol or vitamin A.


• Vitamin C: contributes to the formation of collagen, which maintains strong joints and perfect skin.

• Zinc and vitamin E: aid hair and nail condition and protect against free radicals. They prevent the body from ageing.

• Collagen and hyaluronic acid: provide suppleness and softness.

• Beta-carotene, precursor of vitamin A or retinol: contributes to skin and mucous membrane maintenance and provides extra protection against UV rays. With sun exposure, we produce free radicals which contribute to premature skin ageing.

We don’t know the formula for eternal youth, but we do know natural components which delay cell ageing, such as vitamin C and E, zinc, beta-carotene, polyphenols and flavonoids.


1. Garlic: one clove contains vitamin A, B, C, iodine, selenium, potassium, zinc, calcium, iron and magnesium. It is also considered as a natural antibiotic. Eating raw garlic helps reduce blood pressure, due to its vasodilator properties.

2. Berries or forest fruits, such as raspberries, blackberries, cranberries and strawberries. They contain anthocyanin (thanks to their red or dark pigment) which is a powerful antioxidant.

3. Broccoli:  one of the autumn foods that contains more vitamin C than an orange and practically the same calcium content as a glass of milk. It also contains sulforaphane which has antioxidant effects.

4. Dark or bitter chocolate (100% cocoa): it contains flavonoids which improve cardiovascular health and the skin.

5. Nuts, such as walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios..: they contain essential fatty acids which protect against cardiovascular diseases and cognitive deterioration. They also make the skin supple and strengthen the immune system.

6. Beans (white, red and black): as well as antioxidants, they contain protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals.

7. Green tea: contains polyphenols y flavonoids, as well as theine which boosts cognitive activity, improving attentiveness and concentration.

8. Tomatoes: these offer lycopene, but to be absorbed by the body it must be accompanied by healthy fats such as olive oil.

9. Grapes (and red wine with moderation): contain polyphenols and flavonoids

10. Carrots: these are rich in beta-carotenes which help the body to produce vitamin A, beneficial to the eyesight.