On holiday with your dog

Going on vacation no longer means giving up the company of our pets. More and more accommodations allow dogs and cats to stay. When traveling, you have to think about them. We offer some tips for a trip and a happy stay.


13 July 2017



The most important thing is to ensure your dog is up to date with its vaccines, anti-parasitic measures and veterinary check-ups. All of this must be visible in the animal's passport, which we must take with us whenever he travels.

When it's time to pack our furry companion's suitcase, we mustn't forget his favourite treats, a toy and of course, his bed.Taking out liability insurance is also advisable, in case our animal breaks something or causes some damage to third parties during our stay.


If you choose to travel with your dog, the ideal approach is to choose a destination where it can enjoy the experience along with the whole family, such as a mountain area, river or beach. And of course, your pet will also get a good dose of outdoor activity, which they don't always get during the rest of the year. 

We naturally will need 'pet-friendly' accommodation (that allows animals, mainly dogs), and which are now increasingly available in Spain and around Europe. Hotels, cottages, campsites, apartments and even some national inns already admit pets. But for your own peace of mind, we do advise calling prior to making your reservation, as many of these accommodations have a weight limit, as well as a limit for the number of dogs allowed per person. 


If we opt for a different means of transport to our car, such as by boat, bus, train or plane, then we should check out the travel conditions before bringing our pet along.

If we are going by car it’s very important to know that they must wear a harness, if possible with a double ring, and a seatbelt if travelling in the back seat. We can carry them in the boot, as long as it's an open one, without a parcel tray and that it has a grating for ventilation. In this case your dog or cat can travel with you in a pet carrier, but please be sure to position it at right angles to the direction of travel. If the carrier is small and fits inside the car, we should never place it on the seats, but on the floor, behind the driver or passenger seats.

Don't forget to stop once in a while to let them rest, stretch their legs and drink water. And above all, never leave them alone in the car, whether they are dogs or cats, because heat stroke can occur in less than 5 minutes.


Once you arrive at your hotel or camp site, the best advice we can offer is to enjoy yourself! Give your furry friend the hours of play and enjoyment of nature that he deserves, let him run, sniff, get covered in mud... in short, let him be a dog.

You must also put an identification collar with our phone number or a GPS on your pet, as the chip won't be readable if you are outside your home region or country.

If you and your family are staying in a chalet or apartment, the cat, bird or hamster will also be able to come along, but unfortunately, they won't be able to enjoy outside activities. Although sometimes what really matters is being together, right?