Oven-baked meatloaf

Ingredientes para 4 personas:

 1.25 kg minced meat, 
60 g raisins, 40 g cashew nuts, 1 onion, 100 ml brandy, 1 egg, 40 ml mild olive oil, 1 sliced orange, Salt and pepper, 200 g broccoli, 40 ml mild olive oil.

Meat dishes


Pastel de carne al horno


- 300 g Basmati rice

- 50 g butter

- 350 ml water

-  Parsley for decoration


1. Preheat the oven at 190º. Meanwhile, place the minced meat in a bowl with the chopped onion, the raisins, cashew nuts, brandy and the egg. Mix well and season.

2. Wrap it with the aluminium foil and oven-bake for 35 minutes at 180º.

3. To prepare the Basmati rice, start by washing it well. Put it in a pan with butter, water, salt and pepper. Cover it and cook on a slow heat for about 18 minutes.

4. Cut the broccoli into bouquets and sauté. Cover and cook on a low heat for another 3 minutes.

5. Leave the loaf to stand for 10 minutes. Grill the slices of orange and serve them with the meatloaf, together with the broccoli and rice, sprinkled with parsley.