How can you prepare the pool for winter?

We will tell you how to prepare the pool for the winter and the maintenance that isrequired. Don't miss out on top tips.



The end of summer is approaching and that means(among other things) that we have to leave behind the long hours we have spentstaying cool in the pool. However, the end of the summer doesn't mean we haveto neglect the pool. And, as much as we resist, because it is the finalfarewell to the holidays, we must prepare the pool for winter, not onlyas an ecological and economic issue but because having it in good condition fornext season will be crucial to continue to enjoy it in a big way. 

How can you prepare the pool for winter?

Preparing the pool for winter is something we have to do, regardless of how tough this season is in the area where we live. Even if the temperatures do not drop too much, humidity and lack of sun can cause damage to our garden, and also to our pool.

So let's start with the tips. One of the first recommendations to prepare our removable pool for the winter is that we should not empty it. With proper care, in fact, pool water can extend its life for up to five or six more seasons. Not to mention the lack of respect for the environment involved in emptying and filling the pool each season, in addition to the economic outlay that this entails.

With the knowledge that we are going to leave the water in the pool, we must first remove any dirt that may be in it. If you have purified the water until late autumn to prepare the pool for the winter, you will see that there are already leaves or vegetable residue on the surface. So that they do not rot in winter and leave the water clean, we will remove the dirt. We will also take a look at the skimmers, filters, the filter system (which we will empty of water), the motor and the walls to ensure everything is in good condition. We will also do the same with the chlorine tablets that may have been left in both the skimmer and the floating dispenser.

Using a winter product on the perimeter of the pool is crucial to make it ready for the coldest season; but before using it, you have to check the chlorine and pH. For example, for a winter product to work correctly, the pH value of the water must range between 7.2 and 7.4. In any case, it is always good to check the manufacturer's instructions before using the winter product and make sure of the proportions and doses (in some cases, it may be necessary to add the product again during the winter). Once the winter product has been used, the filter system should be turned on for eight hours to distribute it correctly.

Possible frost in winter can cause a lot of damage. Therefore, it is advisable to do everything possible to prevent it. You have to lower the water below the skimmers (about 20 cm will be enough) and place some half-full plastic drums or bottles to prevent the water from freezing and damaging the pool walls. It is also recommended to cover the pool with a protective tarp, to keep the water cleaner and, in turn, require fewer chemicals.

Another suggestion is to clean and dry the pool valves, and add lubricant so that they do not dry out, so it's not too difficult to open them the next time we have to use them. Preparing the removable pool for the winter, ultimately, means that you have to check it from time to time over the following months to make sure that everything is in order.

It's not easy to ready the pool for winter, but these tips are sure to make it incredibly easy to enjoy next summer. Be strong!