Properties of black Garlic 

Black garlic isn’t spicy and it doesn’t repeat on you. It is a type of fermented garlic and comes from common garlic. Do you want to know more about this ingredient? We’ll tell you!



Propiedades del Ajo Negro

They say it evokes the umami, that fifth taste of the Asiatic world. The origin of black garlic is situated in Korea, although it quickly spread to Thailand and Japan, and later to other continents. In the United States they granted its status as a superfood. Americans didn’t take long to highlight its antioxidant, stimulant and beneficial properties for bowel transit, amongst other advantages. This is how it finally arrived in Europe, where it has become a common food in many homes. Yours can be the next, given it’s many benefits, it incorporates well into the diet and is easy to find.

How to make black garlic

If you are already imagining black garlic pickers, you are far from the reality. It is a common variant of garlic, obtained through a slow fermentation process.  The bulb is subjected to constant heat for a few weeks in humid conditions (Maillard reaction). The result is a dark garlic, with a slightly reduced size, with a rubbery and soft texture. By leaving it to oxidise, its flavour changes substantially, so that it becomes lightly sweet and acidic.  And best of all: it doesn’t smell as much and doesn’t repeat on you.

Health benefits of black garlic

Some nutritionists recommend the consumption of one to three cloves of black garlic each day.  This is due to the multiple health benefits attributed to it, for example:

 Black garlic contains double the number of antioxidants than raw garlic, so it becomes an ally to slow down the ageing process.

• It is a food rich in proteins, which contributes to preserving muscle mass.

• Rich in vitamins and minerals such as potassium and phosphorous.

• Rich in fibre, which helps bowel transit.

Propiedades del Ajo Negro

Black garlic in your life: buy it, cook it

 You can find it in the supermarket in a convenient packaged format. Buy black garlic

In terms of cooking, the options are endless. Black garlic can be eaten raw, but it can also be used in the same recipes as white garlic. From sautéed vegetables to rice dishes, to pasta and sauces, and even spread on toast or as a pizza topping.  A little bit of imagination makes it possible to enjoy the flavour and the benefits of this food, which has come to stay.