Reasons to eat organic fruit and vegetables 

They respect the environment, favour the local economy, and are seasonal products.  More and more people are adding to the consumption of organic fruit and vegetables.   A decision based, not just on flavour, but also on other factors we will tell you about.



The terms ecological, biological, and organic are used to identify the production of foods that are obtained from controlled and certified methods of agriculture, farming and farm processes, with the aim that they don’t contain toxic, chemical, or genetically modified products or things that can affect the food. The three terms are protected by the European Union to assign to foods which have been produced following relevant regulations.  In our country, the protected terms are biological and ecological, or their abbreviations bio and eco. Any food which includes any of these terms on its packaging must be certified by a supervisory body.

Is it better to eat organic fruit and vegetables than the same foods grown in a conventional way? There is a wide debate surrounding this issue.  The decision depends on each individual and takes into account the environmental, commercial, socio-cultural, or economic impact of production.  

Eating organic products is becoming more popular in Spain

Here are a number of reasons to help you to decide:

•  Organic growing is more sustainable.  By not using pesticides or chemically synthesised pesticide products the residues entering the ground are limited, these do not pollute the groundwater or soil and the energy saving is higher than other conventional cultivation methods.  Further, by using more environmentally friendly techniques, the biological activity of the soil is increased.

• It respects the cycles of nature.   Organic fruit and vegetables are grown in thesun, without greenhouses.  The productsare collected at the peak of maturity, so they are usually tastier. 

• It increases development in rural areas. This type of agriculture requires a higher volume of work, which positively affects rural areas where organic fruit and vegetables are grown, through the creation of local jobs. 

Eating organic products is becoming more popular in Spain.  This is reflected by the growth figures of the consumption of fruit and vegetables that contain organic certification.  The facts say that in our country, organic consumption grew by 14% in 2017.  However, the presence of organic products in Spanish homes (42%) continues to be low compared to the average of other European countries (80%).