A recent study by Consum confirms that by benefiting from supermarket discounts you can save up to an average of 64 euros a year. The concern of saving, linked to that of restricted spending and the increasing trend of coupon consuming, makes the use of supermarket discounts increase year after year.


8 May 2016


Concretely, in the retail sector, the use of coupons becomes a way to try new products or known products that would not be tried another way. The categories of products most bought with discounts are: yoghurts, dairy products, water and low alcohol content drinks.

On the other hand, the average value per shop has also slightly increased in comparison to the previous year. Concretely, in 2015 consumers increased the value of their shopping by 3%.

Therefore, if a consumer decides to use all the available discounts, they can manage to reduce the average value of their receipt by up to 45%.


If it is true that new technologies have introduced consumers to even more discounts, they still prefer paper. However, the online trend is increasing and the number of users who access coupons and discounts via websites or apps is already rising.

In fact, the users of the Consum mobile app have multiplied by 9 in the last 12 months, which brings to light that the online channel and new technologies are becoming one of the main ways to obtain and use discounts.

We are faced with a growing trend which is here to stay. What a few people did before, through lack of knowledge or restraint, is becoming a generalised practice which the consumer has already made into a habit. In fact, the prospects are that if the trend is maintained, practically every consumer in 2020 will have used at least one coupon per year while shopping.


In the case of ‘millennials’ (young people who became adults at the millennium), couponing goes much further. In fact, a study by Valassis indicates that 72% of young consumers have found coupons via social networks.

This new generation frequently uses coupons and discounts and benefits from them in all aspects of their lives. At the supermarket, clothes shop, electronic shop... anything goes. They seize the opportunity as never before, online, on apps, on social networks, etc. They are experts at looking for and finding the best offers.

So much so that 68% of consumers are interested in that brands offer them discounts for their products or for specific promotions and are even willing to give up comforts and services to achieve these offers. One curious fact is that 52% would stop using social networks for a month if at the end of their social blackout, discount coupons would be waiting for them.

The users of the Consum mobile app have multiplied by 9 in the last 12 months,


Fidelity cards which apply discounts and create gift cards based on consumer habits are more widely accepted by consumers. Coupons accessed online also have a better brand image as a product than coupons which arrive on paper.

In this sense, Consum’s fidelity programme has distributed 25 million euros in gift cards to its associate-consumers throughout the last year, 18% more than the year before. These numbers are possible thanks to a completely personalised offer, composed of a selection of 9 products, from a group of 300, which are offered according to the most recent shopping habits. Also, 7 extra products are offered every day, known as ‘My daily offers’. These numbers turn the ‘Consum World’ fidelity programme into a great ally for supermarket shopping.

Ultimately, the use of discounts is on the rise and it still has far to go. Internet, new technologies and the habit of saving have given them a new lease of life which should continue to grow in the coming years.