5 'tips' on caring for men’s skin

Men's skin has different characteristics to that of women, both in terms of thickness, as well as the level of fat, hair, dryness... or due to repetitive actions such as shaving... This makes specific skin care necessary. We provide you with some routines to care for men’s skin, with advice on how to keep it hydrated and gleaming in 5 simple steps.

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Cuidado facial hombre - 5 ‘tips’ para cuidar la piel masculina

 5 basic and quick routines

Shaving:  Ideally, use hot water before the cream, foam or shaving gel, or shave after showering, so that the pores are open and it is less of an effort. To soften the facial hair, there are special creams based on fatty acids, lanolin and paraffin. When dry shaving or using a machine shaver, it is preferable to apply lotions with a high alcohol or aqueous content, with a calming and moisturising effect emulsion to soothe the impact of the blade. You also need to pay special attention to your razors, which should be of good quality, with multiple blades and a lubricating band so that the blade slides better. When the band starts to fade, it's time to change your razor.

- Folliculitis: This is quite common among men. It is an inflammation of the hair follicle that becomes infected and produces small red pimples, especially in the neck area. It occurs because the hair creates a cyst within the skin, and continues to grow inside it, producing the infection. There are specific products to prevent and treat this, such as foams and shaving gels for sensitive skin and exfoliating products to make the stratum corneum thinner, which is the outermost and most superficial layer of the skin.

- Facial care: There are multi-purpose care products with 24-hour effect, which, in a single cream and a single application, preferably in the mornings, moisturise and protect the skin for the whole day. Many also have sunscreen, UVA and UVB filters.

Body hydration: After showering, we recommended the use of a quickly-absorbed body moisturising lotion for normal skin. These are usually quite fluid creams which hydrate the skin and leave no 'footprint' so that you can get dressed straight away.

- Hair care: The skin of the scalp is also very important for men, and to prevent the appearance of dandruff and other problems that can lead to the feared hair loss. There are different types of hair products on the market for each type of hair: greasy, dry, fine, anti-dandruff, coloured... Apply a small amount, wash well, massage the scalp to activate circulation and rinse thoroughly to clean the hair well. It is better to do this with warm water because hot water opens the pores and facilitates hair loss.

Hombre afeitandose - 5 ‘tips’ para cuidar la piel masculina

What male skin looks like

- Due to genetics, it is approximately 20% thicker than women's skin, and it is also protected by hair. This makes it less fragile, and therefore wrinkles appear later, although when they do appear, they tend to be deeper.

- Hormone levels are regulated by testosterone, which also helps to delay the appearance of wrinkles and signs of ageing by causing the skin to secrete more oils.

- Male sebaceous glands make men, particularly young men, more likely than women to have acne or pimples.

- In addition, male skin contains more collagen than women's skin, which gives it a firmer and more elastic appearance, as it is responsible for maintaining the moisture of the dermis. This means that the signs of ageing appear later in men: from the age of 30 onwards, as opposed to 25 in women.

Men's skin is thicker and oilier than women's skin and needs specific care.

 Special care

- Eye Contour: there are specific creams to treat this delicate area. For eyelids and dark circles, with anti-fatigue effect, it helps to reduce bags under the eyes and to provide a more relaxed appearance. We recommended you apply it with light, circular strokes from the end of the eye towards the nose.

Anti-wrinkle cream: to treat crow's feet and expression lines. This should be applied day and night and usually have protection factor and sunscreens. The cream usually contains vitamin C, resveratrol, retinol or hyaluronic acid, among other ingredients.

- Exfoliation counteracts the oily nature of male skin. Removes impurities, helps control shine and thoroughly cleanses the complexion.

- For pimples and acne: there are specific gel-like products to prevent and treat acne. We recommended that you wash your face with gel twice a day, using warm water. There are also specific tonics and moisturisers. Eating a healthy diet can also help: no fried foods, no chocolates, no greasy foods. Sport, too, helps by sweating and cleansing the pores.

Extra hydration for hands, elbows, knees and feet.