Summer games for children

When your children are at home, do you know what games to play with them? We help you with ideas for 3 summer games to enjoy with your little ones.

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After an extremely unusual year, the hot weather is back, as is the desire to go to the beach, eat ice cream… Summer is here now, and so are the children’s summer holidays.

Do you want to take advantage of the season’s hot weather to have a good time? Don’t worry. You don’t need a pool, or even a terrace. You can go down to the park to play. Because, to enjoy water games with children, you only need water (of course) and a great desire to play.

3 summer games for children

Pass the water!

This is one of the most entertaining water games for children there is, and it’s perfect to play as a group at any party. When it’s hot in the summer, there’s nothing better than getting wet. For this activity, you will need water and glasses.

Divide the children into pairs. One of the children lies on the floor holding an empty glass, while the other child stands up holding a full glass of water, and they have to throw the water into their partner’s empty glass without leaning over. Then they change places, using whatever water they have managed to capture. The team with the fullest glass is the winner. 

Do you want to make it more difficult? Suggest that each team changes their position. For example, instead of lying on their back all the time, they could be back to back with their partner and toss the water over their heads, they could crouch, or even do a handstand. The more difficult it is, the more fun it will be.

Colour war

Another children’s summer game that you can play and which gives creativity a free rein is as follows: As children love to paint, why not take advantage of this so that they can enjoy themselves? For this game, you will only need washable paints and any white bedsheet that you have at home.  

Firstly, prepare the surface on which you are going to play. The most desirable thing to do is to cover it with a plastic sheet or newspaper (although the paint is washable, best to prevent problems rather than to have to fix them).  

And, in case you were wondering… No, you won’t be needing any paintbrushes! Your only tools will be your hands, which will turn this activity into one of the most successful summer games for 2 to 3 year old children.    

Fun is guaranteed, because who says that your arms won’t make as good a canvas as the sheet? Anything goes in this game!

Water balloons

At some point, your children will certainly have wished they had a pool at home. We know this is impossible, but… How about a water balloon fight? There are many children’s games with water balloons, as these games are always popular.  

In the game we tell you about here, apart from having many balloons, you will also need some string, biros or needles (something pointed to pop them with) and water.

Instead of treading on them, hang the balloons on a string so that when your little ones pop them the water falls all over them. Of course, you could hang the balloons in different places and make up teams of children. The team that pops all the balloons first is the winner. Go get them!

With these summer games for children it will be easier to pass away the summer and enjoy it 100%.