Visit to The Albufera of Valencia


29 May 2018


This month in Viajar con gusto, La Albufera de Valencia, known for its environmental beauty and its gastronomic richness. It is a must if you visit Valencia, where you can enjoy the best rice dishes in the area and you can end the day at the pier at sunset. Have a good trip!

La Albufera is the largest lake in Spain. It measures approximately 24 Km2 and is surrounded by around 200 Km2 of rice paddies. It is one of the most important wetlands of our country and was declared a Natural Park in 1986.

El Pujol Viewpoint. Situated in the Gola de El Pujol, this is one of the three Canals that connect La Albufera with the Mediterranean Sea. It offers perfect panoramic views of the lake and is ideal for enjoying the sunset. You can take boat tours from here.

Visitors centre at Racó de l’Olla. A nature reserve of high environmental value, particularly for ornithology. It has a viewing tower which allows you to watch indigenous species such as the Anatids (ducks, geese and swans) or herons, depending on the time of year.

The l’Ullal de Baldoví Reserve. The ‘ullals’ are subterranean springs, usually of fresh water, around which flora and fauna congregate, such as the samaruc (toothcarp) and the petxinots (smooth clam). L’Ullal de Baldoví is the largest spring within the Park and, from the observatory, you can enjoy its biodiversity and the beauty of the landscape.

Rice Gastronomy par excellence. Rice and eel are the traditional gastronomy of the area, with dishes like the all-i-pebre, rice with duck, or the ‘espardenyà’ from areas like El Palmar.