The law of the 4 gifts

Spaniards spend almost 250 euros on gifts each Christmas according to the global study 'Consumer Trends at Christmas' made by TNS for eBay. Increasingly, it seems that happiness and Christmas spirit is measured by the amount of gifts received. The children are the kings of the house, and are allocated more than half of this budget.

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Are there too many gifts for children every Christmas? It is estimated that 80% of children receive ten times more gifts than they need. And although there is nothing more beautiful than to see the innocent and excited look of the little ones in front of the tree full of gifts, it is recommended to be aware that the avalanche of toys prevents them from concentrating on everything, and they end up not enjoying them.

A balanced and logical approach to the gifts that children receive at Christmas is fundamental, so we have to ask how many gifts they should receive.

What is the law of the 4 gifts?

According to psychologists, the perfect number is four, not one more nor one less. In this way, we prevent children from becoming 'overwhelmed' by so many gifts, losing attention and, finally, not playing with any of their toys.

This law is a way to control and establish rules when choosing Christmas gifts, limiting their number to only four. With this, it is possible to maintain and increase childrenā€™s excitement, as well as promoting values such as responsibility, the capacity of choice, and the acceptance of foregoing something.

1. Something to wear. Choose clothes, shoes, oraccessories that they use daily.

2. Something to read. Encouraging the love ofreading is a great gift and it is a habit that we can train. Do not forget totake into account their preferences, such as a comic book, adventure book, oreven an eBook.

3. Something they want very much. This is the time to take a look at the letter of wishes that the children have written to the Three Wise Men or Santa Claus and choose that toy they truly crave.

4. Something they need.  Observe and look for a gift that is useful in their day to day activities, it could be an accessory to practice their favorite sport, or some crayons.

It is recommended to take into account the criteria and preferences of the child, not forget to choose gifts according to their age, that are educational, and foster their imagination and creativity. The most important thing is that they learn to exploit the possibilities of their gifts, enjoy playing with them, and that the experience creates good memories for them.

Your time is the best gift 

The best gift, much better than any toy, is the time that is enjoyed together as a family. Children do not need more gifts, they need more quality time, and to create memories that will always accompany them. Christmas is a perfect time to do family activities, such as placing Christmas decorations, enjoy a trip or a walk through the Christmas markets, cook together, or dust off board games to have a good time together.