How to know a dog's breed

How can I find out what breed my dog is? In this article, we tell you about the main personality traits of the most common dog breeds.



It can be hard to believe that the more than 300 dog breeds that exist today, according to data from the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (World Canine Organisation), come from the same animal: the wolf. But it's true. Ever since the first group of dogs appeared in Asia 33,000 years ago, the evolution of this new breed - the dog- has made it the most common household pet and what we all call “man’s best friend”.

And, although nowadays, there are multiple cross breeds as well as the pure breeds, it is true that each country has its own most common breeds, the family favourites and those that better suit life with humans. It is also important to know that, although each breed has its own traits, they are all dogs and, beyond the breed, there is always the character of each individual. In addition, even more important is that the training and the treatment they receive when they live with humans is the key to a harmonious coexistence.

If you are thinking of getting a dog and you want to find out about their qualities to help you to decide, or you already have a hairy mongrel and would like to know what breeds it might come from, below we tell you about the most common breeds in Spain.


The three favourite breeds in our country are Yorkshire Terrier, German Shepherd and Labrador. Let’s look at their traits a little closer!

- Yorkshire Terrier: they are intelligent, with a strong character, they like to be in charge in a pack of dogs and are typically good guard dogs because they always let you know when a stranger is nearby. They are highly active and are not suitable to live alongside rabbits or hamsters since their terrier instinct would make them want to chase them.

- German Shepherd: they are highly intelligent, caring, very protective dogs and they love training and playing, which is why they are usually exceptionally good for carrying out tasks such as rescues or detecting drugs. They are very loyal and active and require a lot of daily exercise.

- Labrador: they are great life companions, ideal for families with children since they are very docile and good natured. They are highly intelligent, they love playing and up to the age of two they act like a puppy and usually chew and break lots of things. In their adult years, they are balanced, calm and loyal companions. They are very sociable with other animals and people. They are also very greedy.

In addition to these three breeds, other common ones include Chihuahua, Bichon Maltese and Poodle:

- Chihuahua: this is the smallest breed of dog in the world. They are always alert, very caring and brave; sometimes too brave for their small size. They are energetic and need exercise, but they are usually very attached to their owners, so they become lapdogs.

- Bichon Maltese: they are caring, intelligent, playful and joyful and they don’t need long walks. They love attention and a lot of pampering. They are ideal if you live in a flat.

- Poddle: they are highly intelligent and easy to train, so they are increasingly used in work such as animal assisted therapy. They are very obedient and energetic, so they are also ideal for doing sports with them such as agility.

In addition, our country has its own breeds that are many families’ favourites: Gos Rater Valencià (Valencian rat hunting dog), athletic, agile and a good hunter; Spanish Mastiff, protective and friendly; Spanish greyhound, one of the fastest breeds in the world; or the Podenco Valencíano (type of sighthound), a great rabbit hunter.

And we must not forget the most common breed in the world, widespread and extremely healthy: the mongrel.