Arròs amb fesols i naps: traditional recipe

Arròs amb fesols i naps is a traditional Valencian stew. We tell you about this traditional recipe.

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There is no doubt that this is one of the star dishes of the terreta (region).You will find slight variations of it depending on the locality, but they all revolve around the same base.  Arròs amb fesols i naps was originally made in a clay pot and many people continue this tradition, but it is also possible to make it in a pressure cooker, and you will get the same results.

Its origin goes back for centuries when, during festivities, cooking was done in big pots in the streets of the towns in order to distribute portions to those who most needed them. That way, all of the town’s inhabitants could enjoy a hot dish on important days.  With the passing of time, many localities have kept this tradition alive, mainly those located in La Ribera, La Safor, La Marina and L’Horta Nord.

Traditional Valencian recipe for arròs amb fesols i naps

It is not strange to know that Teodor Llorente dedicated a poem to this traditional Valencian dish. Its creamy and aromatic character makes it one of the most sought-after recipes for Sundays and family get-togethers.  

There are different varieties throughout the Valencian region. For example, in the north, the beans are replaced by garrofon beans (the white beans traditionally used in paella). But the dishes always have a number of essential ingredients in common, such as the DO Valencian short-grain rice and the nabicol variety of turnip to give character to the dish.


Ingredients for arròs amb fesols i naps

- 4 portions of pork chine (corbets)

- ½ ear and 1 pork foot or trotter

- 2 onion black puddings

- 2 blanquets (cold meat similar to black pudding, but without the blood)

- ½ small tin of cooked white beans or 200 g of raw white beans or fesols

- 1 medium yellow turnip

- 320 g rice

- 2-3 garlic cloves

- 3 litres of water

- A pinch of sweet Vera paprika

- Colouring or saffron

- Oil and salt

How to prepare arròs amb fesols i naps in a pressure cooker

At first sight, this recipe looks difficult to prepare, but it is just the opposite. As we mentioned above, in the past it was cooked in a clay pot, but it is possible to recreate this traditional Valencian dish in a pressure cooker and obtain the same results.

  1. You can use either raw or tinned white beans. If you go for the former, soak them the overnight so they can be cooked the next day.  
  2. On the morning that you plan to prepare the dish, place the pork chine, the ear, the trotter along with the peeled and chopped turnip in the pressure cooker. Add 1 litre of water, a pinch of salt and let it cook for 15-20 minutes with the lid closed.
  3. After this, let the steam out and open the pressure cooker. Then add the white beans and the cured meat and let it all boil for 5 more minutes with the lid off.
  4. In a frying pan, fry the garlic with the sweet paprika and add them to the pressure cooker.
  5. At this point, taste the stock for salt. If required, add some more.
  6. Lastly, add the rice and the colouring and boil for around 5 minutes with the pressure cooker closed. The consistency should be creamy, so if it looks like it might be too dry, there is no problem in adding more water before putting in the rice.  You need approximately three cups of water for each cup of rice.
  7. Once cooked, let it rest for a few minutes and… its ready to eat!