Hake and king prawns gratin

For 4 servings:

   500 g of hake fillets (skinned and boned)

   500 g of frozen king prawns

   2 tender onions

   60 g of butter

   250 ml of milk

   90 g of flour

   2 spoonfuls of extra virgin olive oil


Fish dishes



1. Chop the hake.

2. Peel the king prawns and chop them.

3. Peel the onion and finely dice it.

4. Gently fry the onion in hot olive oil and butter.

5. Add the hake and prawns and cook until they change colour.

6. Add the flour and fry it until it browns.

7. Add the milk and cook until it all blends together.

8. Remove from the heat and allow to cool.