My five favourites


For their collaboration in this article, Ana Cuesta and Consum have donated 500€ to Kassumay.

Ana Cuesta is a journalist and television presenter. A graduate in Journalism from the University of Valencia, she has worked at Spanish television channel La Sexta since 2011 and, has been a stand-in presenter since 2014 on all editions of the La Sexta Noticias news programme. She has also co-presented and presented the links from the main studio on the programme Al rojo vivo since 2018.

Here are his “Top 5”:



I often get up really early and I need to be fully awake first thing in the morning so I don’t miss any news item. Throughout the day, I can easily drink up to three cups of coffee, so it’s a must-have in my shopping basket.



It’s essential for looking after my voice. A nice infusion with honey and lemon has been my saviour on more than one occasion, particularly when I spend so many hours on live TV.



Although I now live in Madrid and drink tap water, I've got used to drinking mineral water. I try to buy large containers so I can fill my reusable aluminium bottle and consume less plastic.



It’s my favourite snack between meals. I always carry pistachios in my bag. In addition, these nuts also benefit the body enormously.



I use it for races. It gives me additional energy to help me to endure sports activities. My favourite, by the way, is cola flavour.