Baked artichokes

 Are you looking for easy and healthy recipes to make? In this case, we will explain how to make baked artichokes: Ingredients, preparation time.

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25 March 2020


Talking at this point about the benefits of artichokes does not make much sense, since we all know that it is a very healthy and beneficial food for the body, high in fibre, which helps intestinal transit, and contains vitamin C, which contributes to the protection of cells against oxidative damage and improves the absorption of iron.

But, since we are in artichoke time, it is time to talk about how to cook them and more, If we love the recipe because it meets the three "S": simple, healthy and wholesome and also, it’s perfect for vegans. Of course, the most important thing for the dish to be successful is to have good raw material, since it does not contain sauces, spices, or other elements that may mask the quality of the food.

Baked artichokes recipe

1 kg artichokes
Extra virgin olive oil


  1. We turn on the oven and pre-heat it at 180 degrees, heat up and down.
  2. We remove a couple of leaves from the base of the artichoke and cut the stem. We try to leave the base as flat as possible so that they remain "standing" on the oven tray.
  3. Next, we cut off the top of the artichoke to remove the tips, which are harder.
  4. Meanwhile, we prepare the oven tray and line it with baking paper and place the artichokes on it.
  5. Next, we will turn them upside down and press on them with a blow with the palm of the hand to open them a little and let the leaves separate from each other.
  6. We add a pinch of salt to each and a drizzle them with extra virgin olive oil.
  7. We put them in the oven and roast them for about 1 hour. The time depends on the size of the artichokes.
  8. Once they’re baked, we will take them out, let them rest for 5-10 minutes and then they’re ready to serve.
  9. If we want a more beautiful presentation, we can open them very carefully to make them look like a flower.

If you don’t have as much time for preparation, but don’t want to give up on this recipe, we offer you a much faster and equally good option.

Fast baked artichoke recipes

1kg artichokes
Extra virgin olive oil


  1. We turn on the oven and pre-heat it to 240 degrees, heat up and down.
  2. We clean the artichokes by removing the hardest layers of the leaves and leaving those that are most tender. We clean the stem and cut them in half.
  3. Prepare a baking tray with baking paper and arrange all the halves of the artichokes facing up.
  4. Add a pinch of salt and sprinkle each artichoke heart individually with extra virgin olive oil.
  5. We put them in the oven and roast them for 15-20 minutes. The baking time will depend on the size of the pieces. Unlike whole artichokes, here you do not have to remove the leaves to start eating them.