Beauty tricks and hangover remedies

After a night of fun with friends in which we often stay up late and arrive home when it’s almost dawn, our body asks for water and, above all, a well-deserved rest. However, one of the organs that needs special attention at this time is the skin.

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6 March 2019


 Before we go to bed

1.  Remove make-up

Before going to bed, remove makeup properly, being careful with your eyes and using a specific cleanser for this area that removes the mascara off the eyelashes simply and effectively. Be careful and never rub with your eyes.

2. Serum

After removing make-up, it is recommended to apply an antioxidant serum to help balance the skin and illuminate it for the next day.

3. Cream

 Although we see the sun appearing through the window, two more minutes applying cream will not hurt us, on the contrary, it will benefit us for the next morning. Applying a regenerating and nutrient-rich cream while you sleep is a very effective trick.

4. Draining massages

 Often, when we wake up after a busy night, we notice a puffy face. This is due to the congestion of the cutaneous tissue, which originates, above all, if we have consumed alcohol. It can be relieved by mini draining massages from the tear ducts to the temples and from the beginning of the eyebrows to the tail. Then, we can continue from the nose to the eyebrows, running along the entire jaw line.

And the next morning?

5.  Drink a lot of liquid

After a good celebration, the skin suffers. It is recommended to drink between 6 and 8 glasses of water a day so that the skin remains hydrated from the inside. You can also eat fruit and vegetables, melon and watermelon are the most moisturizing.

6.   Exfoliate your skin

 Apply an exfoliant to your face and body to regenerate your skin, making it look brighter, younger, cleaner, more even and elastic. Then, hydrate the body with a cream and for the face...

7.  Apply a mask

In the case of the face, to rehydrate the skin quickly, we can apply a moisturising mask. We have some options in the supermarket, or we can do it also at home mixing a little natural yogurt, cucumber and honey. We apply it to our face for 15 minutes, remove it and that's it.

8. Dark circles under the eyes!

 To eliminate dark circles, we can apply an anti-inflammatory cream for the eyelids or place a bag of chamomile on each of the eyes and let them rest for 15 minutes.