Coconut and condensed milk flan

If you love flans, don’t miss this recipe for a coconut and condensed milk flan. Its texture and flavour will delight you. What are you waiting for?

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It may have been seen as an exotic and unusual product in the past but, today, the coconut is one of those foods that are here to stay. Because of its versatility, this tropical fruit can be eaten at the end of a lunch or supper, as well as in a multitude of other dishes and recipes.  One of these is the coconut and condensed milk flan, a winning combination that will tempt you with the simplicity of its recipe and wins your heart with its flavour.

If you already know how to make a condensed milk flan, adding coconut to the recipe will certainly be very easy for you. But if this isn’t the case, don’t worry, because we tell you exactly how to prepare a coconut and condensed milk flan so that you succeed in making a unique, special and, above all, a very simple dessert.


300 g condensed milk, 600 ml whole milk, 3 eggs and grated coconut, of course! In addition, you can make the caramel to crown the flan. You will need 200 g sugar and a teaspoonful of water.


The first thing to make is the caramel. Place the 200 g of sugar in a frying pan with a little water and wait until it acquires a golden colour (important: don’t let it burn). When the caramel is ready, spread it around the inside of the mould you will use to make the flan. If you want to use a bain-marie to make the recipe, place the mould in another, larger container that has water in it.

While the caramel cools a little, beat the eggs (as if you were making an omelette) and add the whole milk and the condensed milk. Mix all the ingredients together well and the flan mixture is ready! 

Pour the mixture into the mould over the caramel. Once this is done, spread the coconut over the visible surface of the mixture. Then put the container with water and the mould into the oven at 180 degrees for 45 to 50 minutes, depending on your oven.

When the cooking time has passed and the flan is ready, let it cool. You can let it rest in the fridge for a day or, alternatively, let it cool for about an hour or so. To get it out of the mould, you simply place it upside down over a plate so that the caramel comes out on top and the flan mixture is underneath.

You should know that you can also make a delicious condensed milk flan without an oven, by using a microwave instead. Alternatively, another option for enjoying this delicious dessert is to make a condensed milk flan with Thermomix.


Other delicious variations for your condensed milk flan recipe


The recipe for condensed milk flan also allows you to add a number of other ingredients. For instance, how about a cheese and condensed milk flan or a coffee and condensed milk flan?  If simply mixing coffee and condensed milk already works in a glass, it is sure to be even more delicious in a flan.


Any of these options is also very similar to the coconut and condensed milk flan, so if you have found it easy to make this recipe, the others won’t pose you any problems. If you want to make a cheese and condensed milk flan, all you need to do is add cream cheese to the egg and milk mixture. The other steps in the recipe are the same.

The coffee and condensed milk flan is made in the same way. This time, instead of adding cheese to the mixture, you add coffee, for which you prepare two strong coffees beforehand. Add these to the eggs, the normal milk and the condensed milk and, once again, follow the steps in the recipe: pour this mixture into the mould, which has been previously coated with caramel, and cook it in a bain-marie in the oven for around 45-50 minutes at 180 degrees.

The flan is a light summer dessert with a texture and flavour that always makes you want to go back for more. With these recipes, it will be easier than ever to make a flavoursome flan with which to end a lunch or supper. Enjoy!