Delicious onions!

The onion is one of the essentials in any kitchen. Its great versatility and culinary properties allow us to cook it in practically every conceivable way, although the best way to get the most of its many benefits is by eating it raw.



And although it is loved by many and loathed by some, its nutritional properties are undeniable: it is a source of fibre, potassium and folates, essential substances for our health.  In addition, its caloric content is very low, as its main ingredient is water (90%).


This is the most widely-grown variety in this country. We can find it from July to May of the following year. Its flavour is medium strong, so it is usually eaten raw.

Ideal for caramelising. 


It is found all year round in the supermarket and its flavour is strong. Its appearance and size are similar to those of the Vidalia onion, but its skin is white and its flesh has a lighter colour. It is very crunchy.

It is most suitable for recipes with strong ingredients, such as game.


A very early picking variety, between April and June. Its flesh is white, sweet and juicy and is used for all kinds of dishes. We must consume it quickly because it doesn´t keep for long.

It is very versatile and can be used both raw andcooked.


Shallots, also known as scallions, are a small and somewhat elongated onion, with a golden exterior and white flesh. They are very aromatic, with a sweet, mild taste somewhere between onion and garlic.

It is customary to cook them whole as a garnish,although they are also ideal for stews and sauces.


This is a white-yellow onion, rather flat. Its low content of pyruvic acid gives it a much softer flavour, less spicy than the rest of onion varieties.

Ideal to consume raw in salads


This is an onion that is round in shape and very small, the reason why it is usually used whole as a garnish. Its colour is a brownish copper and when cooked it is very pleasing to the eye.

Ideal for garnishing baked dishes.


This is noted for its red or purple colour and its flesh is white-violet. Although it can be a bit rough and spicy, when cooked, its flavour softens. It is ideal for giving a different touch to dishes.

It can be found in the supermarket year-round, but in summer and early autumn it has a milder flavour.

It is ideal for decorating dishes


These are onions that are gather when still tender and not completely matured. They can be found all year round. Young onions are long and thin and have a sweet, mild taste, so they are usually eaten raw. Their texture is juicy and crunchy.


Ideal to eat raw. Delicious with just oil and salt.

Did you know that onions…

• Relieve a sore throat: boil a few segments of onion in a cup of water, let it rest and then drink.  The infusion calms the pain.

• Can soften a night-time cough: cut the onion in several pieces and place it in a bowl next to the bed, it helps to relieve a cough.

• Calms insect bites and burns: it is recommended to rub raw onions on the affected area for one minute to relieve discomfort.

• Repel insects: just rub a piece of freshly cut onion on the skin to keep the insects away naturally and effectively.