5 detox foods for the body

Excesses can sometimes play nasty tricks on us. Discover these purifying foods for the body and add them to your daily diet.



Meals with friends are moments of fun, relaxation and joy....But we also usually go overboard and eat heavy foods that are low in nutrients. In this case, our stomach is the most affected after these get-togethers: Who doesn’t find it hard to start the week after spending a weekend eating?

Don’t be gripped by panic, because it doesn’t mean that we have to stop spending Sundays with our loved ones or carry salad around with us everywhere. We can use detox foods to alleviate and purify the effects of excess fat and sugar.

But what does the word “detox” mean? The Oxford dictionary defines it as the “process in which someone abstains or removes toxic or unhealthy substances from their body”. Despite seeming like a very modern concept, cleansing the body is a practice that has been used since the beginnings of time and has demonstrated its huge benefits.

This type of foods are usually eaten in liquified form, but we can also add them to our dishes without the need to blend them. They are fruits and vegetables that cleanse our body and remove toxins to thereby increase the absorption of vitamins and antioxidant substances in our body.

When should I eat detoxifying foods?

We should always include them in our diet, incorporating this type of foods into our meals.

They will become your best ally, not just to help to clean the organs and alkalise the blood, but also because their properties are endless, given that:

  • They help to regulate intestinal transit
  • They hydrate the skin
  • The eliminate fluid retention
  • They improve nutritional intake
  • They increase our well-being


5 detox foods to include in your diet

  • Ginger. It intervenes in the digestive processes, making them lighter, it reduces bad cholesterol and prevents colds, it is also much more versatile than we think. We can include it in our juices, use it as a dressing on meat and fish or make ginger tea.
  • Strawberries. They are rich in fibre, antioxidants and minerals. In addition, they favour the detoxification of the liver and are very low in calories.
  • Leek. Leek soups are a perfect option for evening meals. The diuretic effect of this vegetable will help our body to remove the toxins it doesn’t need and it will improve the working of our kidneys. It is advisable not to cut the greenest part since it is the part with the most vitamin C content.
  • Lemon and lime. Both fruits are great sources of vitamin C and will help us to reduce bad cholesterol. Drinking their juice each morning on an empty stomach will reduce the uric acid in our body.
  • Broccoli. This is one of the foods with the most antioxidant properties. It is rich in vitamins C and E, but it is also a great source of beta-carotenes. A trick? To make the most of its benefits, we should cook it ‘al dente’ so it is still a little crunchy.