Esgarraet or esgarrat, a Valencian classic

The esgarraet valenciano, also called esgarrat, is a typical dish of Valencian cuisine. We tell you how to prepare it easily at home. All you need is cod with peppers

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2 November 2018


When a dish becomes so deeply entrenched in the roots of a village, it is difficult to determine its origin. This is the case with the esgarraet Valenciano, also called esgarrat, a jewel in the local recipe book. Its name derives precisely from the method of production, in which it is necessary to "tear" the ingredients, all of which are great tasting and available in any home. It is based on cod fish with red pepper, garlic and oil. Some variants also incorporate olives (which every Valencian knows as ‘olivas’), but in any case, you need to make strips of cod and pepper until you get a substantial cover in which to dip your bread. It is often served in the counters of bars, where it is quickly mopped up with bread. But it is so healthy and simple to prepare that it can become an essential part of any kitchen

Esgarraet o esgarrat, the Valencian version of cod with peppers

The Valencian esgarraet is genuine, as much as it may resemble other recipes. In Catalonia it can be confused with esqueixada, which also means torn, but green peppers, onions and tomatoes are used to make this. The famous escalivada, is based only on vegetables which have also been cooked over firewood or charcoal. And even to the south of the Valencian Community there is espencat, whose creation is very similar, but it also includes aubergine and sometimes hard-boiled egg. Being purists, the authentic esgarraet only consists of cod with peppers, and its grace lies in the contrast of salty with sweet, in addition to the actual dressing. This is a historical dish that used to feed the workers of the sea and it is well worth keeping to the recipe.

Receta del esgarraet valenciano

Just 20 minutes and a little skill will make it possible for your family to enjoy this traditional, nutritious and appetising meal, the ingredients of which you will be able to find without difficulty:



  1. Roast the whole peppers and the piece of cod on a grill.
  2. Remove from heat and leave to cool.
  3. Peel the skin off the peppers and rip them into irregular strips using your hands.
  4. Rip the cod into strips, or if it is already crumbled, put it on top of the pepper on the plate.
  5. The ingredients are then seasoned with chopped garlic, salt and plenty of oil.
  6. Then enjoy.