Hair here, there and everywhere… Epilate!

From the root, at the skin’s surface, permanent hair removal… there are several hair removal techniques and choosing which one works best for you is a very personal decision. Here are the pros and cons of each one.

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Hair removal has historically been a women’s habit, although nowadays there is no such difference and men also want to remove unwanted hair.


This is a fast, simple and painless method, although it only superficially removes the hair. You may suffer cuts or skin irritation. Its duration varies from 3 to 5 days.


This is a simple, economical way to remove hair from the root, although it must be at least 3 mm long. It is quite a painful method, but this is compensated by its duration, which can be up to 4 weeks. The wax can be cold or warm and there are several formats:

• Strips: these can be used anytime, anywhere, as they do not require any preparation or previous experience. There are several types:

- Face strips: ideal for removing hair from small areas thanks to their small size, and especially suitable for the upper lip and chin, and for touch-ups where needed.
- Strips for bikini line and underarms: these are very practical, simple and easy to use. The orchid or chamomile extract they usually contain help to soothe the skin.
- Strips for the body: ideal for arms and legs, thanks to their larger size. The ones which contain musk rose extract help to regenerate the skin

 Warm or hot wax: this format is very economical and can be reused as it does not require cellulose strips. If you opt for warm wax, you can even heat it in the microwave. Its only inconvenient is that if you heat it in a bain-marie, it tends to thicken more quickly. Its results can last up to 4 weeks as it pulls the hair out from the roots:

- Wax beads: these are ideal to apply to legs, underarms, bikini line, arms, upper lip and chin. The wax has an elastic texture which dries quickly and does not require strips to remove it. Its formula is usually enriched in beeswax.
- Roll-on warm wax: this is a practical, convenient way to achieve perfect hair removal. The wax maintains its consistency throughout the session and when you finish, any residue can be easily removed with water.
- Warm wax in pots: these are convenient for wider parts, such as legs, bikini line, or underarms.


It is fast, painless and removes the hair at the surface, regardless of its length. Because of its chemical composition, which burns the keratin of the hair, it can cause irritation and even allergic reactions, especially to sensitive skin. It is recommended to test the product on a small area of skin 24 hours before using. Its results last less, approximately a week. As well as ordinary cream, there is also:

• Hair removal cream for sensitive skin: perfect to apply to legs, underarms, bikini line and arms. Its formula can be enriched with musk rose, oils or shea butter, to care for sensitive skin and avoid irritation.

• Hair removal cream for men: recommended for legs, underarms, back, chest and arms. You must look for one with aloe vera or chamomile oil, to soothe any irritation. It is a convenient, painless option.


• Electric epilator: this is fast and simple, although more painful than other methods. It works by rotating tweezers which grabs hair and pulls it out from the root. At the start its use can cause irritation.

• Home photoepilation: the device burns the hair to the root, except if it is very light or the skin is very dark. It may cause irritation or a burning sensation.

• Laser depilation (in a specialised centre): this burns the hair to the root, unless it is very light. It requires fewer sessions than home photoepilation and adapts better to the type of skin, although it can be more painful. Its effect can last several years, depending on the amount of sessions completed.