How to clean the washing machine?

Discover different tips to clean your washing machine and leave it as if it were brand new. Find out what products to use to keep it spotless!


18 October 2018


How to clean the washing machine

Have you ever thought about the best way to clean your washing machine? Taking care of the interior of the washing machine and keeping it clean and disinfected ensures that your clean clothes come out in perfect condition, as well as avoiding unpleasant odours and the deterioration of the appliance.

To begin with, think about which part of the washing machine you want to clean, since there are several parts that 'get dirty': the drum, the filter, the rubber and the soap and softener compartments. We looked at how to clean each one of these:

  • The drum is the space in which the laundry is placed, if it is not dried correctly, unpleasant odours can begin to generate in this space. White vinegar is recommended so that this does not occur and to prevent bacteria from growing here. Pour half a cup of vinegar into the detergent compartment and select a wash cycle at a temperature of 30┬║ or higher.
  • The filter tends to accumulate traces of detergent, small particles such as waste paper, lint and other elements. To avoid the washing machine drain getting clogged by a saturated filter, it must be emptied completely. The filter is located inside the drum of your washing machine. Once located, loosen the cap, remove it and clean it with a damp cloth until all traces of dirt have been removed. Remember to disconnect the washing machine from the electricity supply when carrying out this process.
  • The most delicate part of washing machine cleaning is probably the rubber around the door. This is where most of the dirt accumulates. To clean it, lightly pull out the rubber and wipe with detergent or bleach, and then dry it.
  • The soap and softener compartments are sanitised by removing them and immersing them in white vinegar for 5 minutes, then rinse and dry them thoroughly. If they cannot be removed, do this by rubbing them with a scouring pad and then drying them with a clean cloth.

Products to clean the washing machine

The most recommended products to clean the washing machine are:

  1. White vinegar
  2. Bleach
  3. Specific products for the maintenance
  4. Cleaning wipes for washing machines